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Barcus Berry Violin Pickup 3100
Barcus Berry Clamp-On Bridge Piezo Pickup 3100 for Violin - Fits 4/4 and 3/4 size Product Des..
Based on 3 reviews.
Barcus Berry Violin Pickup with Preamp 3110
Barcus Berry Clamp-On Bridge Piezo Pickup with Preamp 3110 for Violin Product Description: ..
$370.99 $278.99
Realist Transducer for Violin
Realist Pickup for Violin with Quarter-inch jack Black-wrapped copper element, 1/4" clamp-on..
$208.00 $199.00
Countryman Isomax II with XLR connection
The Isomax 2 is a Countryman classic, still delivering the industry's tightest pattern control fo..
$286.39 $238.95
Super Sensitive Electronic Pickup
Super Sensitive Brand - Electronic Pickup An acoustic instrument sensor / pickup with volume ..
$89.66 $65.90
Based on 1 reviews.
Headway Band Wrap-Around Pickup System - Violin and Viola
The Band Wrap-Around Pickup System - Violin and Viola This innovative pick-up system wraps ar..
Based on 1 reviews.
Barcus Berry Cello Pickup with Preamp 3125
Clamp-On Bridge Cello Piezo Transducer with Preamp 3125 Product Description: Designed for ..
Fishman V-200 Violin Pickup
Fishman Classic Series V-200 Professional Violin Pickup The V-200 Pickup employs a Carpenter..
Barcus Berry Bass Pickup B3150
B3150: Clamp-On Bridge Bass Piezo Transducer with Preamp Product Description: Designed for..
$399.99 $230.99
Fishman V-100 Violin Pickup
V-100 Classic Series Violin / Viola Pickup This piezo-ceramic pickup mounts in the wing slot ..
Fishman V-300 Violin Pickup
V-300 Concert Series Violin Pickup The V-300 Concert Series Violin pickup offers an extraord..
Fishman V-400 Viola Pickup
V-400 Concert Series Viola Pickup The V-400 Concert Series Viola pickup offers an extraordin..
Fishman C-100 Cello Pickup
C-100 Classic Series Cello Pickup The C-100 utilizes Fishmans patented Floating Mount System..
Fishman C-200 Cello Pickup
C-200 Concert Series Cello Pickup The C-200 Concert Series Cello pickup offers an extraordin..
Barcus Berry Violin Pickup 1320
Barcus Berry's Built-in Bridge Piexo Pickup 1320 for Violin Designed to satisfy the most rig..
LR Baggs Violin Pickup with External Jack Mount
This Violin Pickup is a miniature vibration sensor cast directly into a Superieur Despiau “Two Tr..
LR Baggs Violin Pickup
This Violin Pickup is a miniature vibration sensor cast directly into a Superieur Despiau “Two Tr..
$149.00 $99.00
Barcus Berry 1/4" Female Output Jack
Barcus Berry 1/4" female carpenter output jack with separate U-shaped bottom bracket and 2 turn b..
Fishman Upright Bass Pickup
This very popular pickup is the product that started it all: our classic bridge-mounted, dual-ele..
Headway Band Pickup for Cello
For Acoustic Cello Easy instant fitting & transferability - No modifications to your cello ..