Fiddlerman Violin Strings
Fiddlerman Violin String Set
Fiddlerman Violin String Set
Fiddlerman Violin String Set
Fiddlerman Violin String Set
Fiddlerman Violin String Set
Fiddlerman Violin String Set
Fiddlerman Violin String Set
Fiddlerman Violin String Set
Fiddlerman Violin String Set


Fiddlerman Violin String Set

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Our best-selling strings in all categories, and probably the most value for your money. The Fiddlerman Synthetic Core Strings are well-balanced, comfortable to play, and in many ways comparable to the popular Thomastik Dominant Strings.




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These Synthetic core violin strings are of medium tension, optimized for most players! Each string is individually packed and sealed to protect from corrosion.

When compared to the world's most popular strings (Thomastik Dominant), none of our professionals could tell them apart. Just like the Dominant strings, they are warm and resemble gut strings (while being way more resistant to humidity). They are soft, clear, and rich in overtones. But the best part, they're half the price of Dominants!

New Improved Packaging - Same Great Strings

  • Ball-End E-string (Ball can be removed with tweezers)
  • Medium Gauge
  • Synthetic Core (Perlon Core)
  • Available for violin sizes 4/4-1/4

String Diameters & Materials
E-string 0.26 mm, Steel
A-string 0.67 mm, Aluminum wound
D-string 0.83mm, Aluminum wound
G-string 0.81mm, Nickel wound

String Tensions
G-string: 4.4 kg / 9.7 lbs
-string: 3.9 kg / 8.6 lbs
-string: 5.1 kg / 11.22 lbs
-string: 7.2 kg / 15.84 lbs

Winding Colors (Peg Box)

E - Purple
A - Pink
D - Yellow
G - Black

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Customer Reviews
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United States United States

Love these strings

I switched from steel core to these synthetics and I love the tone. Much warmer and more forgiving than the steel. I don’t notice any difference in the response time. It’s immediate just like the steel. I put them on an old strad copy and I’m using fiddlerman dark rosin. I’ll probably order more for my other violin. Might get Pirastro tonicas for comparison. Anyway these strings are great don’t hesitate to try them. Thanks fiddlerman.

James M.
United States United States

Great Strings!

I teach Middle School Orchestra. I have to loan out my instruments, violin and viola, to students daily because the school does not have enough of the correct sized instruments for all students in a couple of classes. I put these strings on my violin, a Fiddlerman violin, to try out. My students immediately noticed a difference in strings. They found these easier to control, easier to get to respond, easier to play in tune, more even, and just more comfortable to play in general. They love this strings. I am seriously thinking about putting these on all the school instruments. I wish Fiddlershop offered these in viola and cello. We are currently using Prelude and Dominant strings, but based on my students reactions, their improvement in playing, and the overall better sound and control. These are worth the time, effort, and money. Great Strings!! I love them and so do my students.

Jon P.
United States United States

More than I expected, So is the staff !!!!

OK,,, I purchased a set of these,, not because the price was so good,, but,, because I had a few friends I comunicate with recomend them! I put them on and I noticed right off that they were way better than I had hoped for... My violin already has a very warm and deep sound to it,, but with these strings it was much, much more! I play everyday for at least an hour and a half, mostly two hours or more, just because I enjoy playing. Well after less than two week, the G string just snapped, I was doing just a minor tune and bang it broke. I've never had a G string break,, ever! I contacted Fiddlershop and they were very kind, and sent me a replacement string right out. They said it could have been a defective string, they have never seen it happen with these strings ether. So all is good. I highly recommend these strings and this company! In fact I've already made more purchases from them. When you live in such a remote place as I do,,, It's so nice to know you are doing business with a company that really does care about the customers!!!!

Noah B.
United States United States

Oh My Lord, these are amazing!

I have not had much experience with the Thomastik Dominant strings, but I honestly can tell these are much better strings for almost half the price! These strings definetly have tremendous clarity in the higher stings as well as the lower strings, they also have a really really good projection! I am glad that these strings were for me and thank you Fiddlershop for all your service! :)

Marc E.
United States United States

Champagne Strings on a Beer Budget!

So nice! I am a beginner for the 2nd time in life.. I recently bought the Fiddlerman Strings after watching the related videos.. I was impressed with the sound. When I received my strings, and rosined my bow, and played my violin for a while.. I was so happy with the tone of the strings. My G string had such a nice full, warm sound with fine harmonics along with having enough pleasing high frequencies. The other strings sounded just as pleasing. I especially love how the E string has an open, airy quality.. it just sings beautifully. My D string sounded just a tad duller than the rest, so I'm presently working on finding out whether it is the string or my violin. The fine fellow at Fiddlerman is sending me a replacement D string [so nice!], and I also purchased a different D string in hopes of determining what's at fault. I highly recommend the Fiddlerman strings!

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