has thrived out of a demand for a quality resource of stringed instruments and accessories. We really appreciate you taking the time to visit our site, as we have personally tested thousands of violins and music products to curate a selection that can't be matched elsewhere. From beginner to pro, we are proud to support any musical endeavor!

"The internet has too many options, with too little reliable information, for anyone seeking a quality instrument in a reasonable amount of time. It's hard not to go crazy searching through everything that's available, and to sort out all the garbage in the process!" - Fiddlerman is where it all began. It is a free online resource for every level of player seeking practical and accurate advice on learning to play the violin. As gained popularity, there was an overwhelming demand for advice on what to buy, and where to buy it.

This brought us to a discovery! Fiddlershop is a family owned business, run by Pierre Holstein (Fiddlerman) and his son, Michael Holstein. Fiddlershop's goal is to bring you affordable, quality instruments and accessories, and continue to grow and support the Fiddlerman community.