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Fiddlerman Master Violin Review

Beautiful Sounding Fractional Sizes for Any Age!

How does the Master Compare with the Artist?

How does the Master compare with the Soloist?

The Fiddlershop Family

Why is Fiddlershop growing so fast and blowing away its competitors?
Fiddlerman himself tests and curates the violins and works directly with the maker to produce only the best. With over 40 years as a professional violinist of orchestras around the world, he knows what he's doing. We buy our violins directly from the maker - a rare business practice that lowers our cost so we can pass the savings on to you! Each Fiddlerman violin is set up in our workshop.

The Master is the next step up from the Fiddlerman Artist violin. Featuring highly figured maple, yielding great tone, projection and response. An excellent instrument for discerning players and students alike.

  • Every Fiddlerman instrument undergoes our famous 10-point inspection!
  • Lifetime Structural Warranty and Free Lifetime Adjustments (Contact Fiddlershop)
  • Fully hand-carved, beautifully flamed spruce and maple tone woods
  • 100% ebony fingerboard, pegs & fittings
  • Hand-carved French Despiau 3-tree or Aubert Mirecourt Deluxe bridge (highest grade)
  • Professionally hand-rubbed, oil/spirit-based varnish
  • Antiqued wood - dried a minimum of 10 years
  • Strings - Whichever strings sound better on the specific violin (most commonly Thomastik Vision strings for the Master violins)
  • Exceeds all Suzuki and MENC standards
  • Precisely measured string height for easy and comfortable playability
  • The violin will arrive ready to play out of the box


  • Strong, responsive, high-grade Carbon Fiber (far superior to Brazilwood)
  • Durable Mongolian horse hair for a smooth, full tone
  • Nickel-mounted true ebony frog
  • Genuine mother-of-pearl inlays


  • One-year warranty on all accessories
  • Quality Core oblong CC500 violin case
  • Case includes padded straps, music pocket, storage compartments, four bow holders, Hygrometer
  • Holstein Premium Violin Rosin
  • Ultra Practice Mute
  • Fiddlerman Wood Violin Shoulder Rest
  • Fiddlershop Polishing Cloth

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Brad B.
United States

The Master Violin is awesome

I love my new Master violin! This is my fourth violin. I definitely recommend it! My experience with Fiddlershop has been great! Thier customer service is incredible!

Stephen D.
Costa Rica

Master Violin Outfit

My experince was good. We live in Costa Rica so we had to drive about 1.5 hours to pick it up, but it arrived in excellent condition. I play old time fiddle, and I am still getting use to the instrument. There are some things that work for me and others that I am not sure about. I would be interested in any product that you see more aplicable to fiddle music. Thanks,

Bonnie S.
United States

Loud, Rich sound. Excellent quality. An amazing value!

Very long but hopefully useful review of the Master Violin: I purchased a Fiddlerman Master Violin outfit without upgrades. I did order it to come with all 4 fine tuners. My child played other violins in the music stores locally, friends' very expensive violins, as well as a teacher's child's violin. I read excellent reviews both on the fiddlershop site and on other music sites. It was backed up with satisfaction guarentee so I felt it would be worth taking the risk to try this out and compare with the others. One brand I remember trying was a used but in like new condition 600 level Eastman for the same price. My child loved that she could listen on the computer to the different sounds of the instruments and choose the one that appealed the most before we ordered from this site. This is for a 5th grader who has played for over 2 years in lessons and a beginner community symphony. The child needed to upgrade to a full size violin. I wanted something that would suit the need through middle school and high school. Pro 1. Delivered in excellent condition. Both the box and the items inside came in perfect condition. Packaging was excellent. Surprising as it had extra long handling and storms to go through. 2. Excellent case it comes with. My child loved the sleeve the violin was stored in as well as the strap that holds the violin in place. The shoulder strap was a welcome addition. 3. Sound - My child loves the deep, rich, loud sound. All 3 of the teachers commented on what a great sound it makes and asked for the website information for fiddlershop. They were so impressed as they put the violin through it's paces, looked at grain, workmanship, etc.. They will try these out. They said there were no squeaks. The symphony conductor was thrilled with the new, louder sound. "I can hear you. I love it!" As it is a full size, my child could reach the notes appropriately and it improved the sound she made. It came pretuned but due to the extra travel in colder climates (mentioned below) it is not surprising that it was slightly out of tune upon arrival. 4. Appearance - Beautiful. Not overly shiny. The neck wasn't sticky. (All things the teachers checked for.) Excellent quality strings (again surprising to the teachers that for any other place these would be an upgrade). My child loved how beautiful it looked. 5. Customer Service - They are quick to respond and very helpful. I feel confident that if we have any other issues arise that they will continue to be quick and helpful. Con -1. All 3 teachers mentioned the bridge was too high. The upper notes on the neck are fine. The strings become a problem as you move down the neck. It is harder to press the strings down to the neck which prevented them from moving as quickly as well as tiring the fingers quicker as they aren't used to pushing down so far and hard. They all suggested getting a shorter bridge as it was very noticeable. (I want to add, as I have used them as a reference, that I do not remember the background of each teacher. Two conduct middle school and high school symphonies, as well as community children symphonies. They studied at universities. One of them has also taught privately for many years. The third one competed nationally and received additional training. I am no expert in these matters but enjoy listening to the violin, so I defer to their judgement.) 2. Shipping: Someone in customer service said that regular shipping would take 5 days. I purchased the faster shipping in hopes to get it in 4 days. When I received the tracking information it said it would be 5-7 days. I called C.S. and they refunded me the money due to the misinformation. Fast would be 5-7. It took 10 days to arrive from the first business day after I placed the order. The shipping label was mixed up with another violin and my violin was sent to New Hampshire before being forwarded to southern Arizona. They apologized and corrected the mistake. I wish I would have asked for an overnight shipment instead of accepting shipment by truck, as time was of the essence for a concert. Hence, wanting shipping faster. But I didn't think of that until afterwards. My child has been playing the instrument for 15 days now and enjoys it. No new issues have arisen. The next concert is tomorrow! I person love hearing the new sound that my child makes on this violin. It is truly beautiful. My child has enjoyed playing everyday.


Thank you so much Bonnie. :) We set our bridges to MENC standards at the shop which is generally good but slightly on the high side. Some players want higher bridges for more power, and some want closer action for more sensitive fingertips and not overly powerful projection. That being said, it's easy to lower the bridge but impossible to raise it without making a new bridge. Also, in some climates the fingerboard curves down vs our humidity bringing the fingerboard up which increases the distance to the strings. Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience. If you can't find a luthier in your area to lower the bridge, please give us a call and we'll figure something out. As for the shipping issue, it's not common that we have those kind of issues. Please accept my sincere apologies and we'll send you a $20 gift certificate to make up for the inconvenience. Once again, thank you so much for your kind words. :) Sincerely, Pierre (Fiddlerman)

Evan N.
United States

Lovely Fiddle, Beautiful Case

So it's a lovely fiddle, both in appearance and tone. I upgraded from a Cecilio CVN-500. The setup was great, the packaging was nice and secure. The only thing that surprised me was that it only came with a fine tuner on the E-string, but to be fair, I didn't ask for them on the other strings. I recently ordered a tailpiece with built-in fine tuners, and I like that too. Thanks fiddler shop for some great service and a great fiddle.

Kody Morgan

Perfect for your 2nd Violin

I've had the Master Violin for about seven months now and thought it would be a good time to leave a review as i'm about to upgrade again. The first violin I had was a cheap $100 one that I had bought just to see If this was something I would stick with. Learning Violin quickly became a passion and I started looking for the next stepping stone that would allow me to continue to grow. Purchasing something online like a Violin is always scary, but it was the best option for me as there are no nearby shops that sell them. I googled "Best online Violin Shops" and kept getting pointed back to Fiddlershop. They're quick to answer any questions you have and they offer trial rentals if you are really nervous about committing to such a big purchase all at once. The shipping was quick (arrived in 2 or 3 days if i remember correctly) and it came with everything advertised and in the condition that is promised. It took a few weeks to properly break in the strings to get the richest sound; but even when it arrived the difference in quality between it and my 1st violin was night and day. It responds much better, so it's easy to play, and it sounds great. It really helped me get rid of the scratchy/squeaky sounds i was having trouble with. I love the rosin it comes with and the included practice mute is great because i have roommates. If you're a beginner moving on to the intermediate phase, this is a great 2nd Violin at a good price.

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