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Fiddlerman Soloist Violin Review by Fiddlerman

How does the Master compare with the Soloist?

The Fiddlershop Family

Why is Fiddlershop growing so fast and blowing away its competitors? Fiddlerman himself tests and curates the violins and works directly with the maker to produce only the best. With over 40 years as a professional violinist of orchestras around the world, he knows what he's doing. We buy our violins directly from the maker - a rare business practice that lowers our cost so we can pass the savings on to you! Each Fiddlerman violin is set up in our workshop.

Violin Features

Fiddlerman will personally test these violins thoroughly before shipping out. The Soloist violin is now made in an exclusive Holstein Violin workshop! After trying hundreds of models, Fiddlerman settled on this one as his dollar-to-dollar favorite advanced level violin.

  • Fully hand-carved, beautifully flamed select spruce and maple tone woods
  • Hand-carved French Despiau 3-tree bridge (highest grade)
  • 100% ebony fingerboard, pegs & fittings
  • Professionally hand-rubbed, oil-based varnish
  • Antiqued select wood - dried a minimum of 12 years
  • Installed Thomastik Vision Strings
  • Precisely measured string height for easy and comfortable playability
  • The violin will arrive ready to play out of the box

* Every Fiddlerman instrument undergoes our famous 10-point inspection
* Lifetime Structural Warranty and Free Lifetime Adjustments

Outfit and Accessories

  • Holstein Yellow Sandalwood Violin Bow
    • High quality Sandalwood craftsmanship
    • Nickel-Silver mounting and winding
    • Genuine Ebony Frog
    • Mother of pearl inlays on eye and slide
    • Lizard skin thumb wrap
    • Imitation ivory tip plate
  • Holstein Premium Violin Rosin
  • Fiddlerman Wood Violin Shoulder Rest
  • Ultra Practice Mute
  • Fiddlershop Polishing Cloth

* One-year warranty on all accessories

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Jeffrey K.
United States


I’m new to violin. Mike and his dad were terrific. Great service and very nice products. I’m very happy with my purchase of a Soloist. Jeff

Frances Williams

Great Violin

I got this violin 5 months ago as an upgrade from my $500 beginner instrument. I must say - what a dramatic improvement in sound! My beginner violin has served me well in learning the basics of playing but what I was really lacking was the ability to play without fingerboard tapes. Playing the piano, I feel that as long as the piano is in tune, the player is in tune ��� which is why I was having such a hard time whenever my teacher insisted to listen to the sound. With my beginner violin, the notes sound muddy, out of focus, indistinct. Upgrading to the Soloist was such a smart move for what I need and here are my main reasons: Clarity: The Soloist has a clear, focused sound that I can hear the subtle deviation in tone if I'm not hitting the right spot. I was able to ditch the tapes after practicing with this violin for just a few months. Also, I don't sound as bad! Playing on the third position sounds sweet, even! Responsiveness: With my beginner violin, I have to wait a split-second for the notes to ring; with the Soloist, the notes seem to resound effortlessly which allows me to play faster. I don't have to work as hard. I also find that I can push more emotion into my playing ��� the sound is loud when I want it to be, subdued when I want it to be, romantic when I want it to be. Look: I like that the violin isn't highly antiqued, but instead one can tell that high-quality aged wood was used. The overall appearance looks beautiful and natural!

Jessie Fischer

I am a

I am a new violinist, and as of the writing of this review have only been actively practicing for six months. I absolutely LOVE my soloist violin. I made a full YouTube video review here, complete with two of the best songs I learned to play, to really highlight how great sounding and playing this violin is, even for someone first starting out.


First, I'd like

First, I'd like to thank Pierre and his team for selecting the right violin for me. The sound is amazing and I am so, so grateful for the detailed attention to my needs. Do make sure that if you get a violin, get the outfit package. Mine comes in a very nice case, complete ready to play with shoulder rest, very nice violin bag, high quality rosin and some accessories.I had a more expensive Strad replica I got from somewhere else that doesn't even close to the sound of the Soloist violin that I got from Fiddlershop. So, after a couple of weeks enjoying this violin, I added more accessories such as:- Ebony harp tailpiece- Titanium gut- Holstein 3 Stars Pernambuco violin bowI read somewhere that the harp tailpiece and the titanium gut enhanced the sound and I thought ... well, can't go wrong with them. But, I was pleasantly surprised that they actually do enhance the sound of the violin. The G and D are even more mellow and deeper. While the A and E are almost the same, but I just felt that they add a tad bit more clarity to them, which is awesome! It made the violin even more alive and pleasing to the ear that it's hard for me to put it down once I play it.The pernambuco violin bow is also excellent and it feels like buttery good to the string. It glides ever so smoothly and gives me more control with less effort. The weight and balance of this bow is amazing. I have a more expensive bow, yet it doesn't perform like it. Feels that I have been missing out in the last 35 years of my life playing violin. Unbelievable! Thank you Pierre, Alex and everyone at Fiddlershop. You made me fall in love with violin again!


I am a

I am a grandmother that has never played a musical instrument. I promised my granddaughter who just started college that if she worked hard with her beginning violin I would buy her a better one. The problem for me was to make sure it was a better violin and one she could grow with. Her violin teacher said it would be best if she had the college help her to find the violin that would meet her needs as she is a music major. Well, that did not pan out so we tried local music stores. At one its prices started too high while the the others were not very knowledgeable. I started heavily researching violins online and checking online instrument stores. Again, there was a lack of knowledge concerning their products. The more I learned about the violin the more frustrated I was becoming about being able to select a quality instrument. I started looking at older ones online and found there were many out there; however, no one would answer all of my questions and there was a lot of misleading information and downright frauds. I then came across a used violin for sale online. The owner loves this violin but regretfully is selling it because he needs the money. He had purchased it from the Fiddlershop. I looked up the website, did price and instrument comparisons, and then talked to Mike at the Fiddlershop. I was so pleased that he cheerfully and expertly answered all of my questions. He was very knowledgeable and thorough without pressuring to force a sale. He helped me to make some pertinent decisions regarding which instrument he thought would meet my granddaughter's needs at this time, and also any possible upgrades that would help as she advances. I cannot tell you how relieved and excited I felt at having finally come to a place that was willing to knowledgeably and patiently assist in this decision. The beautiful instrument shipped fast. It was set up well and very well packaged. There were no worries here!!! Thank you, Mike! My granddaughter opened up the quality case, gasped at the beautiful violin, and then rosined up the bow. Wow, her first instrument was a $300 beginner's violin and what a difference between the two - this brand new one already far exceeds the old one's sound - definitely more mellow and sweet. We know that the more she plays it the better the sound will become. This is a lovely violin that she is so proud to flash around on campus - she was a little bit sheepish about pulling out her old beginner's model! Thank you, Mike, and the Fiddlershop for such an easy and super ending to a horrible search for just the right instrument. All is well! By the way the violin is already receiving high praises. Again thank you!

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