Our musical instrument rental program is designed to benefit both students and parents, by providing quality instruments at competitive prices. Renting instruments will help determine a student’s interest without a large financial investment, and without any commitments. Our rental program is billed on a month-to-month schedule, and you may change the size of the instrument any time. 

Each of our rental instruments are professionally set up, and come with quality strings and bows. Each instrument undergoes inspection by our luthiers, and are adjusted before being accepted into our rental program. If you have any questions about our rental program or availability, please contact us at 800-595-0592 or email us at support@fiddlershop.com.

Service Areas

Currently, we're only offering rentals to customers in South Florida. We're proud to be servicing Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties with the most affordable rental program for string instruments in the region.

Violin Rental

We're excited to be offering a program for rental violins starting at only $19 per month, with a 3 month minimum contract. Many students begin the journey of learning to play the violin with the Fiddlershop Starter or Standard. The perfect starter violins at an affordable price.

Fiddlershop Starter Violin $19 / month*
Fiddlershop Standard Violin $22 / month* 

One or two steps up from the starter violins, the Fiddlershop Student or Advancing have an elevated feel and performance for the student.

Fiddlershop Student Violin $27 / month*
Fiddlershop Advancing Violin $34 / month*

If you strive for something better, the Master and Soloist will bring the most out of your playing.

Fiddlershop Master Violin $41 / month*
Fiddlershop Soloist Violin $69 / month*

Viola Rental

Our viola rentals start from $25/month. Just like for violin rentals, we offer violas in different price ranges and levels.

Viola Rentals Monthly Fee
Fiddlershop Standard Viola $25 / month*
Fiddlershop Student Viola $29 / month*
Fiddlershop Advancing Viola $39 / month*
Fiddlershop Master Viola $49 / month*
Fiddlershop Soloist Viola $74 / month*

Cello Rental

Our cello rentals start from $45/month. Just like for violin and viola rentals, we offer cellos in different price ranges and levels.

Cello Rentals Monthly Fee
Fiddlershop Standard Cello Outfit $45 / month*
Fiddlershop Student Cello Outfit $55 / month*
Fiddlershop Advancing Cello Outfit $65 / month*
Fiddlershop Master Cello Outfit $89 / month*

*When the rental is returned, the instrument is subject to a $29 refurbishing fee, which covers cleaning as a well as string replacement.

Ready to Start Renting?

Give us a call a 800-595-0592, send an email to support@fiddlershop.com, or visit our showroom. We have a full team dedicated to assisting you with any inquires.