bonmusica violin shoulder rest attached to a quality violin
in use photo of the popular bonmusica violin shoulder rest
angle photo of bonmusica shoulder rest for violin
BonMusica Violin Shoulder Rest
BonMusica Violin Shoulder Rest
BonMusica Violin Shoulder Rest
Bon Musica Violin Shoulder Rest
Bon Musica Violin Shoulder Rest


BonMusica Violin Shoulder Rest

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The BonMusica violin shoulder rest is extremely versatile with adjustable height, width and curve for a precise fit and optimal comfort, making it one of our most popular shoulder rests.

  • Promotes hands-free stability for easy shifting and vibrato
  • Capable to obtain the exact contour of the player's shoulder
  • The foam padding is highly resistant to everyday wear and tear 
  • Ergonomically friendly by relieving tension through the neck and shoulders
  • Left-handed player friendly

For even more height, remove the leg screws, and rotate the bracket 180 degrees and re-insert the leg screw (as seen in last two photos). This will bring the clearance to an impressive 63mm, when measured from the bottom of the violin to the center of the chinrest.

To get the most of your rest, make sure the pads touch as much of your chest & shoulder as possible leaving no gaps

Made in Germany

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