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What are the benefits of joining our Affiliate Program?
  • Earn money by recommending things that you love!
  • Baseline commission of 5% on any eligible purchases your users make within 7 days of clicking a qualified link, with bonuses for strong performance
  • Clean, professionally-designed Fiddlershop banners and text links to add to your site, blog, and social media pages
How does affiliate marketing work?

After you join our affiliate program, you will be given a unique referral link to embed on your web page, blog or social media pages. You’ll be paid for every order that a customer makes within 7 days of clicking on your referral link.

How much can I make?

There’s no limit - the more you promote, the more you can earn! We offer competitive commission rates.

How do I get started?

You can get started as an affiliate in as little as a week from the time you submit your application. Most applications are reviewed within 2-3 business days.

Do I have to pay to become an affiliate partner?

No; it’s absolutely free to become an affiliate partner.

*Commission on eligible purchases made via clicking on a qualified link within 7 days of the initial click-through.
*If multiple affiliates refer a sale, credit will be given to the publisher with the last qualified click before the purchase.