Welcome to Fiddlershop! Our family owned business is committed to making the process of buying a cello an easy and affordable option for the musician in your family. Shop today and discover a wide range of cellos to fit any budget - from lower priced, beginner models to higher end instruments that rival those you’d find in a concert hall. Cellos from leading instrument makers like Kohr, Scott Cao, GVC, Holstein, and more are ready to elevate the experience for discerning musicians. Each instrument in our selection of high quality cellos for sale is offered with free shipping and immediate setup. Shop today and purchase with confidence, thanks to our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Click now to browse our huge selection!

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Cecilio Oil Finish Solidwood Cello CCO-600

Hand carved select* fine grain solid spruce top Hand carved select* highly flamed solid maple n..


Cecilio Handmade Solid Wood Cello CCO-300

Hand carved solid spruce top Solid flamed maple neck, back & sides High luster varnish fi..


Cecilio German Type Ebony Cello CCO-500

Hand carved solid spruce top Highly flamed solid maple neck, back & sides High luster var..


Scott Cao 017 Cello

Chinese maple with moderate flame and spruce top. Indian ebony fingerboard, Indian rosewood p..


Johannes Kohr Cello K515C

Fully carved with nicely flamed back and sides, lightly antiqued. Red-amber shading. Ebony finger..


Cecilio Special Edition Cello CCO-800SE New

Cecilio Special Edition Cello CCO-800SE

Cello Features:Crafted in Cecilio's Master WorkshopHand carved select* fine grain solid spruce topHa..


Scott Cao 017E Cello

Made from high quality European sourced wood. This cello is an excellent choice for a dedicated b..


GCV Core C30 Cello

Also called the Core Conservatory C30 Cello Advanced level cello with well-seasoned European ..


Dragon Cello DR20

All Dragon Cellos are aged a minimum of 5 years after their construction and prior to varnishing...


August F. Kohr Cello HC600

Fully carved cello. Very well constructed of aged wood, with additional drying time at each stage..