Cello String Comparison Chart

Welcome to the wide world of cello string options! When it comes to improving the sound of your instrument, strings play a significant role in the tone, response, feel and projection of your instrument. 

So let this graph be your trusty guide as you begin the journey of finding your perfect string. Click on any of the images below to learn more and make your purchase.

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Prim Cello String Set
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Red Label Cello String Set
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Pirastro Permanent Cello String Set
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Cello String Sound Explained

While it’s difficult to explain these different sounds in words, “broad” sounds like shining a flashlight of sound out of the instrument-wide, open, but perhaps cloudy. “Focused” is more like a laser beam of sound-narrow, quick, and powerful.

The change from “warm” to “brilliant” might be best illustrated by singing the vowel “Oooh” and changing to “Eeeh” (without changing pitch). “Warm” cello strings are also described as deep, dark, but sometimes muddy. “Brilliant” cello strings are also described as clean, crisp, but sometimes shrill.