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Fishman V-200 Violin PickupFishman V-200 Violin Pickup
Fishman V-100 String Instrument PickupFishman V-100 String Instrument Pickup
LR Baggs Violin Pickup - Non Terminated
Barcus Berry Violin Pickup 1320Barcus Berry Violin Pickup 1320
Headway Band Wrap-Around Pickup System Violin
Save $92
Barcus Berry Violin Pickup with Preamp 3110
Save $40.01
Realist Transducer for ViolinRealist Transducer for Violin
Fishman V-300 Violin PickupFishman V-300 Violin Pickup
Save $47.44
Countryman Isomax II with XLR connectionCountryman Isomax II with XLR connection
Realist Soundclip Pickup for Violin & ViolaRealist Soundclip Pickup for Violin & Viola

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