Barcus Berry Violin Pickup with Preamp 3110

Barcus Berry

Barcus Berry Violin Pickup with Preamp 3110

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Product Description:

Designed for violinists who need dependable performance without a permanently installed transducer. This piezo transducer clamps easily to the violin bridge and connects, via cable, to the included 3100P output jack. No holes to drill or tools required. The best of both worlds - ease of use plus wide-band frequency response, excellent string balance, feedback rejection and outstanding signal isolation.

Features & Benefits:
• Offers wide band frequency response and excellent string balance.
• Feedback rejection feature provides excellent signal isolation for clear, true reproduction of the violin's sound.
• Clamps easily onto the violin's bridge without additional tools or holes to drill making attachment and removal a breeze.

Quality Materials & Components Included:
• Preamp: 3000A Piezo buffer preamp with EQ
• Output Jack: 3100P 1/4" female, external mount

Preferred by: David Pichette (Emerson Drive), Chris Cardona (Sheryl Crow), Melissa Reiner

Specifications for the 3000 Piezo Buffer Preamp with EQ:
Input (EQ Flat) Input Interface = RCA unbalanced
Input Impedance = 2.2 Meg Ohms Maximum Input Level = 2.0 vrms
Output (EQ Flat, Volume Max) Output Interface = 1/4" unbalanced
Output Impedance = 2K Ohms THD = .008% @ 1kHz Noise = -92dBu S/N = 100dBu
Bass = +/- 12dB @ 50Hz Treble = +/- 12dB @ 10kHz Frequency Response = 5Hz - 30kHz (+/- 1dB)
Power Supply Power Source = 9 Volts @ 380 Microamps
Battery Life = Approximately 1,000 hours

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