Our Employees' Favorite Products

Who knows our products better than our own workforce? We asked all our employees for their fave pick:


Customer Service Representative
Flesch Model Chinrest

—One of my favorite items is the center mounted (Flesch) chin rest. Due to the nature of this chin rest, it does sit a little taller than other chin rests and has helped many people find comfort while playing. The Flesch chin rest has also helped improve posture among our customers.
—I have used this chin rest on my personal violin for about 7 years. When I first tried it, I immediately had positive results. Give it a shot, if you are having discomfort while playing.


Product Specialist
The Fiddlerman Artist Violin

—I own an Artist violin myself and use it at weddings outdoors, for example. The violin has a nice projection, a warm tone with a sparkle to it. I’m very happy with the instrument and also get a lot of good feedback. You get the most violin for the money, according to me.


Holstein Yellow Sandalwood Violin Bow
—This is a new bow that is just being introduced to the American market, so most people don't know about it. Sandalwood is very strong and lively, much like Pernambuco. Now you can get an amazing bow for under $100 - despite people telling you that nothing under $300 is worth the money! (Be aware - 99% of wood bows at this price are not good.)


Master Luthier
Ming Jiang Zhu 907 Violin

—I love this violin! The construction is perfect and it has a wonderful sound. I’ve never heard a complaint about the Ming 907, customers are very happy with it.


Operations Manager
Fiddlerman Artist Viola Outfit

—My favorite Fiddlershop.com product is the Artist Viola Outfit. It’s a powerful and extremely fun instrument to play. The viola is very playable and has a lot of range, that makes learning to play much more achievable.


Apprentice Luthier
Fiddlerman Concert Violin Outfit

—I love the sound quality and the craftsmanship of this cello. The makers put a lot of work and pride into this instrument. They also use a higher grade wood, for sure.


Digital Project Manager
Violin Sound Post Inserter/Remover

—Optimal fitting and placement of the sound post will make your instrument sound much better. However, inserting and removing the sound post has always been a hassle for musicians.
—This inexpensive and simple tool makes the process seamless. Together with the Sound Post Adjuster, (almost) anyone can be creative with the placement of the sound post to find the optimal setup.


Fiddlerman and Founder
Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Bow

—20 years ago, musicians couldn’t have imagined the difference that carbon fiber would make on the bow market. Today, we have incredible and very affordable carbon fiber bows available for everyone.
—We have been very fortunate to find an excellent bow maker, that makes the Fiddlerman bow just for us. We actually have violin, viola and double bass bows, and also smaller sizes for kids.


Master Luthier
Fiddlerman Soloist Violin Outfit

—This instrument gives you the most violin for the money, according to my opinion. It’s a wonderful instrument that everyone loves, even professionals. We only have 5-star reviews of the Soloist Violin.


Customer Service Representative
TRALA - Learn to Play the Violin

I'm the daughter of Fiddlerman and I just started working here at Fiddlershop. I'm learning to play the violin and I play on a Fiddlerman Soloist Violin. However, my favorite violin product right now is TRALA. Trala is an App for learning to play the violin. This app keeps me practicing between the sporadic sessions I'm having with Fiddlerman.

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Hi Kenneth!
Thanks for your positive feedback! Yes, we are definitely trying to have fun every day at Fiddlershop. We are so happy that you enjoy our videos and website. Take care!


It is so funny seeing somebody hugging a cello to sleep. I like your website and videos by the way.

Asa Holstein

Hi Blakely!
It makes us so happy to hear that you like your Fiddlerman Bass! I bet it was a great and nice surprise for Christmas :) Aaww, that is so sweet of your mom.
All the best to the two of you!
Hugs from the Fiddlershop team

Blakely Berger

My mom gave me a Fiddlerman bass for Christmas, and it sounds great! I couldn’t believe it when she carried in this beautiful bass. I’m not sure which of the basses it is, so I don’t know which to review. I had to lower the action a bit after the first time i gigged with it, but the luthier I brought it to told me it had been set to standard height and it’s just about personal preference. Thanks for helping my mom with everything. She loves you guys!


Hi Sarah! Thanks for your nice comment! We are pleased that you like the Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Bow too :) All the best!

Sarah Thompson

I’m with Pierre. I have a fiddlerman carbon fiber bow and use it as my primary bow playing for Scottish Country Dance.

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