Cases That Fit a Bon Musica Shoulder Rest
One of the most beloved shoulder rests on the market is the unmistakable Bon Musica. It's curvy! It's comfy! It bends to fit even the boniest of shoulders!
Unfortunately, it's also ENORMOUS!
But never fear, the Fiddlershop test dummy team has some suggestions and created this guide to help you out.  Like most things in life, there's a range of options that work great, some that don't work at all, and some that....sort of work with some finagling. 

These work great!

It's sleek, strong, and has a lot of space around the scroll for this monster shoulder rest. Some cloth padding is necessary though to protect your scroll from any dings and dents.
Both the Fiddlerman Weave cases (shaped and oblong) have ample room for this modern feat of shoulder rest engineering!
There aren't many cases that have an interior compartment this large. But a Bon Musica can totally fit in the Negri cases while still leaving room for lots of other stuff and snacks!
Core CC500 case
The Core CC500 oblong case has a large accesory compartment that just barely fits the Bon Musica. It fits, but it's tight!

These "Sort-Of" Work

The Tonarelli Oblong case has lots of room for the shoulder rest, but there is not a velcro strap to hold it in place. You could easily add a velcro strap to keep it in place there.
Ok, so here you must choose: Keep the accessory bag in the case, or keep the Bon Musica in the case. You could possibly scrunch both in there at the same time, but it's not ideal.
The Gewa Air shaped case also has a surprisingly big interior, but we'd still recommend protecting the neck, scroll and bow with more cloths, washcloths, etc.
Technically it fits in the Bam Artisto, but there's nothing to secure it in place. You're definitely going to want to add some padding, protective bag, or wash cloths inbetween the scroll and the shoulder rest.
This position surprisingly works. Again the whole point of this is to avoid bending the Bon Musica back and forth every time you get it out. It doesn't appear to be touching the bow when the case is closed, but this also wasn't a long term study, and can't say if will start to mar the bow in transport. I also didn't fasten the strap in the photo, but it reaches all the way.
The FC200 can also technically fit it without bending the shoulderest plate, but similarly to the BAM Artisto, you'll want to really protect the scroll from the underside of the Bon Musica. The FC200 however has a big music flap on the outside, and it's probably best to just put it in that pocket on the outside of the case.
This is by no means an exhaustive list, but we did want to at least share some of the possible solutions for fitting this super popular shoulder rest into a case. The Bon Musica is a great shoulder rest, but there is a lot of metal on it. However you choose to carry it in your case, you need to be careful about securing it, and protecting your instrument from scratches while in transit.
Do you use another case not listed above that fits a Bon Musica? Snap a photo just like the ones you see above, and send it to me: and I'll update this post with more options.
Be Well, and Practice Well,
-The Fiddlershop Family
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