The vegan violin bow from Fiddlerman
Fiddlerman Forever Violin Bow
Fiddlerman Forever Violin Bow
Fiddlerman Forever Violin Bow
Fiddlerman Forever Violin Bow


Fiddlerman Forever Violin Bow

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The Fiddlerman Forever Bow is a completely "vegan" bow and features synthetic bow hair and grip, ebony frog, nickel-silver winding, and mounts. In addition to being an animal-free bow, it also also makes international travel through customs inspections completely worry free.



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We're excited to welcome a new member to the Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Bow Family: "The Forever Bow"

The Zarelon™ Synthetic hair is extremely strong and can withstand even the most intense playing without breaking.

  • High-Quality Workmanship
  • Fiddlerman's Custom Arch and Weight Distribution
  • Durable Zarelon™ Synthetic Bow Hair - Light Soloist Grade
  • Rehairable with synthetic or horse hair
  • Firm and stable playing experience
  • Clean and quick tonal response

The synthetic bow hair arrives without rosin. Apply your favorite rosin by running the rosin cake back and forth along with the bow hair. We have found that dark rosin such as Kaplan Dark, or Premium Dark works best as it is stickier and produces less "white noise."

Over time, the hair may lose some grip. Apply more rosin to increase the friction between the hair and strings. If the hair does not take rosin well, or if there is still a lack of grip - use the included 100 grit sandpaper to gently roughen the synthetic hair. Run the sandpaper 10-15 passes along the bow hair, and test the result before any additional passes.


If one or multiple strands of the hair becomes too loose, heating the hair with a hair blow drier or heat gun will allow the hair to shrink back to a desired length.

The bow can also be rehaired indefinitely with either synthetic hair, or traditional horse hair.

The Fiddlerman Family of Carbon Fiber Bows for Violin

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