Fiddlerman Pro Series Violin Bow

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United States United States
Arcus experience for much less money...

I have been playing with an Arcus bow for the last 3 years, it becomes my principal bow and took of the best sound of my violin, even when I was satisfied with the bow, sometimes I felt not a complete control, missing a good attack on the tip. This Fiddlerman Pro Series Violin Bow (carbon fiber) give me some extra attack and much more control. I love the sound and the feeling! Thank you Fiddlershop for a wonderful bow!

Aaron F.
United States United States
I’m likely to sell my other bows and play exclusively with the Fiddlerman Pro series

I absolutely LOVE your videos and really appreciate all of your insight. I have recently gone through a six month, or more realistically 8 month, search for a violin bow. I too love the Fiddlershop; their staff is second to none! I trialed a Müsing C3 and C4, a Glasser X braided carbon fiber, and a Helisson Cyrillio 2 Star pernambuco. Conclusion: more undecided than before the trial! Although I returned all four bows and continued using the ancient Glasser bow that came with my first violin, I did find that I certainly wasn’t interested in a Glasser bow or a C3. The difficulty herein lies with a personal choice. Did I want the ease of playing with the Müsing (which I might add is not an inexpensive bow and three times what my violin cost) or did I want the beautiful overtones and warmth of the pernambuco bow. I’ve since bought a new Chinese made violin, but with European tone wood. You talk about a powerful and crisp tone. My instructor tells me that I won’t be able to get by with any sort of mistake with this violin, and I really appreciate that level of clarity. Fast forward to Black Friday and on a whim I buy a Fiddlerman hybrid carbon fiber bow, wrapped in pernambuco. HOW VERY IMPRESSIVE! Agile, responsive, beautiful tone. I’ve made excellent stride in my technique since then. All of this thought comes from your reading your most recent email about the Müsing bows. I loved their ease of playability and can appreciate that they are a more cost-effective answer to the Arcus bow. Although I’d give a kidney to be able to spend the money on an Arcus p7 or p8, it’s just not justifiable for me, a hobbyist, at the present time. Enter the Fiddlerman for the rescue, again. On either the second or third batch (I was told they sold out QUICKLY the first few orders they had) I was able to buy the new Fiddlerman Pro Series Carbon Fiber bow. I’m going to use the word impressive again because there simply isn’t a better adjective to describe this bow. Around 54 grams and with precision balance, I cannot praise this bow enough. I’m likely to sell my other bows and play exclusively with the Fiddlerman Pro series. This, coupled with an insanely modest price, makes the bow an obvious choice for those of us who want the quality of a great bow, the durability of carbon fiber, the strength and maneuverability, and the price tag to match our growing technical ability.

Ben F.
United States United States
Much more than I expected

This is an outstanding bow that heightens my enjoyment of the violin. It draws a beautiful sound from my instrument in a way that seems practically effortless. Compared to my previous carbon fiber bow, which was of a high quality, this bow is lighter and stiffer, which enables me to maintain contact with the strings deeper into the camber during fast transitions. The end result is less motion is needed to produce the same sound, which is highly gratifying. The bow can also be adjusted with less clearance from the hair, further enhancing the level of control. I’m actually astonished at the improvement, and the price of this bow in today’s market makes the choice very easy. The Fiddlershop staff were accommodating in helping me find exactly the right bow for me, and I am very satisfied with my purchase.

Alexandria B.
United States United States
I love this bow

I was nervous to try a carbon fiber bow but after reading the reviews and watching demonstration videos I decided to give it a go. This bow is light and responsive. It does great not only with ricochet and spiccato but also in more legato passages. It lends an additional brightness to the tone of my playing. I have been pleasantly surprised.

Robert P.
United States United States
Fiddlerman Pro-Series Bow

This bow works as beautifully as it looks!

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