Fiddlerman Left Handed Concert Violin Outfit

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Christine H.
United States United States
Simply the very best

First off hello person reading this trying to decide if you should get this violin or not. I am correct? If I am get it! If you are a left violinist this by far the best outfit for the price. Also if you have questions, I must add even if you feel there a bit on the silly side. As there customer service phone line is nothing short of marvelousness!!! I'm getting back in to again after not playing for 20 plus years! So I had lots of silly questions. Ask them, the staff alone is so worth the price of the instrument. Then there's the sweet thrill of delivery day! Yippie! Upon opening I could tell of the care and quality of packing that went into this violin. Nothing like this experience! I'm a customer for life,for sure! I ❤ Fiddlershop! I am loving my new left handed violin! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Fiddlershop for so marvelous!

Lisa E.
United States United States
Wonderful violin, excellent company

My overall experience has been fantastic. There were a couple of hiccups, which is to be expected when you can't be there in person to purchase something, or have to depend entirely on email or on line chat, HOWEVER, with that being said, Fiddlershop has some of the best customer service around and I cannot say enough good things about them. Everything was taken care of with professionalism, kindness, and with great care and concern. I asked hundreds of questions, sometimes repeatedly, and was never treated with disdain or as a bother. In one case, they brought something to my attention regarding an issue with my violin before it went out, showed me the problem, offered some solutions, and left the decision up to me with no pressure, and followed through on their word. You will not go wrong purchasing from them. Now for my violin. I previously owned a very inexpensive violin and when I received this one, was pretty much afraid to play it because of it's fine quality. I went from almost a toy violin, to a beautiful instrument with worth, I feel, far beyond the price I paid for it. I was actually afraid to touch it for fear of my breaking it (I walk into walls, trip over my own feet, and can knock a violin into a music stand like it's something you are supposed to do in order to play). Once I got over my fear, I could not believe the difference in every way compared to what I had, from the beauty, to the feel of the instrument, and even the weight. This was far superior. It has a richness to the sound that I was hoping for. I chose to go with a few different options and could not be more pleased with how it turned out. I went with the Warshal Amber strings (they have a rich sound - I do personally prefer a bit more warmth, but, if you are on a tighter budget, I highly recommend them! Overall, the have a great sound, and for now will be my go-to strings!) and also got a Westminster E string, which pairs quite nicely. I went with a boxwood tailpiece and end button, and in time, I will get the boxwood pegs. For the bow (I am a purist and personally don't care for carbon fiber, simply because it isn't wood) I upgraded to the Holstein Yellow Sandal Wood bow. I absolutely love it! Another purchase that has quality beyond what you will pay. There are one or two minute details that possibly could be cleaned up a bit better as far as looks that you will probably barely notice, but with that being said, I would definitely still purchase it over again. The weight of the bow, which I allowed them to pick after describing a bit about myself to help them aid in their choice, was perfect for me. The mother of pearl inlays are absolutely beautiful, and the sound is great! I was surprised at the difference in sound that a bow could make. I have only been really playing for a year come mid July and had wondered what all the talk was about bows, and now I know. Definitely a big difference. I also chose to go with the Flesch flat chinrest and Wolf Forte Secondo shoulder rest. I did some trial and error with some other chinrests and shoulder rests, but for me, it's a perfect combo for comfort, as I have a long neck. I have been privileged to be able to sit in on a master violin class at a fine college and whereas before I was a bit embarrassed with my instrument in comparison (Yes, I know, I shouldn't feel that way, but I did, though I still was extremely grateful for what I had), because the other students (and my teacher) paid in the thousands for what they had and the difference in every way was quite obvious. Now, if class were in session, I would not feel that way one bit. I think my instrument compares in sound and beauty, and I do not say that lightly. For the rosin, and I have tried several from very expensive, to very cheap. The Fiddlerman rosin is probably a great rosin, but, I found I am allergic to most rosins and did not want to take a chance, so after some research and great reviews, I went with the Sartory. It comes in a lovely little wooden box, grips nicely, has great sound quality, and very little dust. And best of all, I don't get heart palpitations or the major skin irritations and inflammation that I was getting from other brands. Lastly, I stayed with the case that came with the outfit. I was planning to eventually get something different (simply because I liked the look of a rose colored case they had), but there is absolutely no reason to do so based on quality. It is a great case! Well constructed, does and excellent job of protecting your violin, has a lock, roomy compartments, and ROOM FOR YOUR MUSIC! Really, what more could you ask!? One last thing, as for being someone who is a lefty, I am constantly being put down for it in the classical music world. Never once did Fiddlershop try and discourage me or say anything about it, or try to get me to purchase something else. They have been encouraging and helpful, and I am extremely grateful for them and all they do.

Love it!

I love the sound. You can definitly tell its well made. Very hard to find good left handed violins. Hopefully someday fiddlershop will get more master left handed violins out. Maybe even make some Solist lefties? Hopeful thinking for future upgrades!

Derek C.
United States United States
Thank you so much

I'm a weird situation I know but I've been playing guitar and piano and drums for about 20 years, and when it come with a guitar I've been playing strictly a left-handed model for over 20 years. When I decided to extend my reach the violin as well, playing on "correct shoulder" was just simply not an option for me. Although I don't see myself ever playing in an orchestra (left handedness) I'm a pretty creative person so I'm really not worried about getting use out of it. That being said this is a seriously fantastic instrument and I plan on buying another one of higher quality in the near future (although this is beyond perfect for now) I can't thank you guys enough for giving me the opportunity to actually play a violin with my personal dominant hand. I will be interested in upgrading in the future for SURE and you got me for life.

Ryan K.
United States United States
Love This Lefty

So I tried violin before where I had an old violin restrung lefty, and it just never sounded right. I decided to try again, and I came across Fiddlerman after many recommendations. I absolutely love this concert violin. It plays very nicely and I'm already sounding better than I was before. The case is just awesome. I'm a musician (guitar, uke, banjo), and I've played good and not-so-good instruments before. This violin is definitely a quality instrument, and it really makes a difference in the sound and in the playability. Oh and also, the Fiddlerman customer service was phenomenal. They answered all my questions and got my violin out to me very quickly. I highly recommend Fiddlerman and this violin in specific. They made this lefty musician very happy.

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