What is a Setup and Why is It So Important?

What is a Setup and Why is It So Important?

By Joseph Capalbo - A violin setup is the final adjustment that our professional luthiers perform with every violin before they leave our shop. A few of the factors that we adjust to perfection are string height for the perfect playability, nut-string slot depth and spacing for the most accurate tuning, fingerboard planing or shaping, so you won't hear a buzz and more.

Other parts that we focus on when setting up violins are the tuning pegsfingerboard, neck shape, nut, saddle height, soundposttailpiece, and bridge.

Many times, factories will ship out their instruments with only a satisfactory setup that we wouldn’t provide to our customers. That’s why we stand by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What is the importance of a violin setup?

  1. It makes it easier to play.
  2. You will Learn the instrument quicker.
  3. It retains the stability of your tuning.
When should I get my instrument setup?
  1. Violin Goes out of tune frequently.
  2. Buzzing sound.
  3. Remained in a case for several years.

What is the Fiddlershop setup?

Every violin that leaves Fiddlershop will arrive setup along with our famous 10-point inspection. This includes assessing the violin bridge height, bridge seating, violin fingerboard (checking to find waves or wrong directional curves), place a parchment on e string , check string slots, check pegs, check fine tuners and sometimes replace, adjust the tailpiece as close to saddle as possible, check end button, adjust sound post, do a structural inspection (no cracks or breaks), and final cleaning. You will receive the 10 point-inspection checklist certificate with the purchase of your new violin at Fiddlershop.

The numbers here can vary and aren't always specifically set. These measurements are for a full-size violin.

  • The string distance on the bridge always needs to be between 33 to 33.5 mm  from the center of G to the center of E with equal spacing between each string.
  • The violin projection is typically 27 mm, but can go up to as high as 29 mm mostly on newer instruments.  
  • The distance on the nut should be anywhere between 16 to 16.3 mm from the center of G to the center of E with equal spacing throughout. The string slots need to tilt slightly inward towards the scroll.
  • The string height, from the bottom of the string to the fingerboard, should be any 0.75 and 1 mm, depending on the instrument.
  • Set sound-post 1 to 6 mm behind E string bridge foot. Set the center of sound-post in relation to bridge food 1 mm inwards towards the G string to start.

We make sure that your violin arrives at your door with the perfect setup, so you get the best tone and easiest playability. The setup is included in the purchase price of your violin and is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Here is a video of how to set up a violin the Fiddlershop way. 


Please contact Fiddlershop via our chat system, support@fiddlershop.com or 
(954) 530-5999 if you have any questions. We're always happy to assist! :)
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