Florida 2021 All State Orchestra 9-10th Grade Violin Tutorials

The Official Audition Requirements, dates, locations, and other information can be found at the Florida Orchestra Association website

The video tutorials and materials are provided as guidance on how to practice and one example of what each etude and excerpt should sound like. The bowings and fingerings are our suggestions-you will not be judged for following them. And lastly, it's always best to follow the advice of your teacher, and use these as a supplement or to consider other alternatives.

1) Scales

2) Sightreading

3) Etude - Kreutzer No. 7

Download Bowings and Fingerings for Kreutzer No. 7


4) Excerpt - Egmont Overture

Download Bowings and Fingerings for Egmont Overture

For additional help on preparing excerpts for auditions, please visit OrchestraExcerpts.com

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Hi Michael,
Great job-thanks a lot;
Can you please fix the link for the “Two and Three Octave Arpeggios”..it sends to the same file like “Three Octave Minor Scales”

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