Product Spotlight: Gelrest

Product Spotlight: Gelrest

This weeks Product Spotlight is on the Gelrest. The Gelrest makes playing the violin more comfortable, who wouldn't want that?! It allows you to play much longer without any pain. Features: Comes in eight different shapes and three different colors


  • Comes in eight different shapes and three different colors (Ebony, Boxwood, and Rosewood).
  • Easy to customize -- you can cut it to fit your chin. Print out this fitting guide and match the shape.

Combine this product with the Gelrest Micro - one of our favorite accessories. It protects your shoulder from the hard, slippery surface of a violin back. Since your shoulder joint and bones are sensitive, this neat product will help protect you from possible pain.

It has no tape or glue, therefore no annoying residues on your violin that might damage your instrument. What makes it stay in place are little micro pockets that work like suction cups. It can be re-applied and re-positioned as many times as necessary. It's comfortable and super easy to use.

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