5 Ways to Know When To Upgrade Your Violin

5 Ways to Know When To Upgrade Your Violin

Whether you've been playing the violin for some time, or you've reached a certain milestone in your playing, there may come a point when you decide to upgrade your current violin.

There are many factors that can help you with the decision process! Maybe your current violin doesn’t physically fit, you want better sound, or maybe you are just looking for inspiration to keep playing. Let’s take a look at some of the examples of how to know when you should purchase an instrument at the next level up.

Note: This blog is primarily for violinists looking to upgrade their current violin. If you are a beginner, please take a look at How to Buy a Violin: Beginner's Guide.

Violin Size

Have you been playing a violin that doesn't fit you comfortably, whether it's too large or too small? The size of a violin can greatly impact the playability of the instrument for numerous reasons. This can slow the learning process, and for some, make it impossible even to play it without pain and tension. If you are unsure of right violin size for you or your child, take a look at our violin size chart (and more).

Higher Experience Level

Many times, people will buy an instrument just to try it to see if they like it or if they think they can excel at it. Or maybe you purchased an inexpensive level violin until you've reached a certain level of experience. Are you currently playing a beginner level violin, but your skill level is that of someone who is intermediate or advanced? Try assessing your level of experience and upgrade from there.

Find violins based off of experience level here:

Beginner Violins

Intermediate Violins

Professional Violins

Sound and Playability

Upgrading your violin is a surefire way to enhance the sound quality and playability of your instrument. A better sound quality can also result in longer lasting practice sessions. Violin playability can result in learning the instrument quicker and being able to master violin techniques such as intonation, vibrato, and more much easily. If you are an advanced player, a professional violin will give you the tone and playability that you will need for performances or recording sessions. Violins from Fiddlershop will always arrive at your door ready to play with ease. We make sure every instrument is set up before it leaves our shop. If you are having issues with the sound not being where you want it or it being too difficult to play, it might be time to upgrade to a new violin.

Wear and Tear

If you haven’t kept up with the maintenance on your older violin in quite some time, chances are that there can be some wear and tear that will affect your playing. If the wood isn’t carefully maintained, it can become more fragile and susceptible to cracks. You can learn more on how to properly maintain your violin or fiddle here.

Boost Your Mood

Lastly, a new instrument is a great source of inspiration and motivation to continue to play. The sound or feel of your new violin can be just what you need to continue to progress and play. Remember, try keeping your violin in eyesight for a reminder to always practice! A violin is created for you to play! Give it some TLC.

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