Make your Viola a Chin-Cello

We are happy to announce that any viola purchased from our shop can be converted into a chin-cello. And if you already own a viola, we'll show you how you can convert it into a chin cello . 

What is a Chin Cello?

No, it's not a cute, cuddly little animal. A chin cello is a viola with octave strings, so that you can play in the same register as a cello, but still play it like a viola.

Why would I do this?

Opening yourself up to the entire cello range has endless possibilities. We see folks use their chin cello to play folk music, use it for improvising and soloing as an alternative to using a violin, get crazy low passes when recording multiple stacks of yourself, and all kinds of performances from weddings, to worship teams, to bar gigs. Your imagination is the limit!

What modifications do I have to make?

Technically, you can put octave viola strings on any instrument, and most likely you'll be good to go. We did this with both the Fiddlerman Apprentice Viola, and also the Ming-Jiang Zhu 909 Viola without any modifications and both were fine. Watch below:


However, it was a struggle to get the octave C-string into the peg hole in both instances, and the string grooves aren't really the ideal size for the wider strings. which is why we're introducing our Chin Cello conversion package to do things the right way.

What's included in the Fiddlershop $200 Chin Cello add-on package?

After purchasing any viola from our shop, we will:

  • Install Sensicore Octave Viola Strings ($69.50 value)
  • Carve bridge slightly higher with wider string grooves to eliminate string slap 
  • Widen string grooves at nut to get the best tone
  • Widen Peg holes so the strings fit properly and easily
  • Exchange the viola bow for cello bow equivalent.  

For example, to purchase the Fiddlerman Concert Chin Cello, you would need to purchase:

  • Fiddlerman Concert Viola Outfit ($579)
  • Chin Cello Package ($200)

Total: $779.00

So to convert your viola purchase into a chin cello, just contact us:


Phone: (800) 595-0592




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