Five Reasons to Choose the More Expensive Violin

Five Reasons to Choose the More Expensive Violin

You're thinking about getting a violin, but you aren't sure if it's worth it to invest in the expensive one. There are many benefits to spending a little extra on your next violin: quality, sound, comfort, playability, and much more.

Of course, practice time plays a fundamental role in progressing on the violin, but how about the quality of the instrument?

Here are a few reasons why spending that extra dollar is worth it.

It is easier to play. 

Higher end violins are easier to play. One of the biggest reasons is the perfect set up. A good set up will require less pressure and tension in your hand, meaning you will be able to practice for longer periods of time.  For a beginner violinist, that means it will take you much less time to learn your instrument than it would if you were sawing away on a cheaper model. Don't forget, Fiddlerman personally tests these violins before shipping out with our famous 10-point inspection. There is no set up like the Fiddlershop system!

For a more advanced or professional violinist, it's pivotal. Your audience will see and hear the difference. Therefore, you'll earn your investment back in paid gigs.

You're able to hear your mistakes and fix them. 

There is something to be said about the clarity of a well-made violin compared to an inexpensive one. As you progress on your instrument, you rely on your ear to hear any mistakes that you make to fix and progress from them. With a very clear sound, it is very easy to hear your mistakes so that you can learn the violin fast. Again, one big value of spending a little extra on your violin is the time that it saves you from practicing much more on a cheap violin.

It keeps you motivated. 

Higher end violins have a more desirable look, sound, and ease of playing that will keep you motivated on your journey to learn the violin. A cheaper model of a violin can easily start to be associated with the difficulty of playability, sound, and more of a hassle than an enjoyment. As violinists, our main goal is to create a structured practice routine to progress from where we are. The motivation of a nice instrument makes it easy to want to play the violin frequently so that you can progress quicker.

Accessories, warranties, and more!

Along with a quality instrument, most of our higher end instruments at Fiddlershop come with accessories that value over $300! We take pride in upholding a strong warranty for each instrument. Here is what you typically receive inside of your violin outfit:

Here are some violins that we would recommend for you to look at:

Fiddlerman Soloist Violin Outfit
Holstein Soil Stradivarius Violin
Ming Jiang Zhu 925 Violin
Holstein Strad 1715
Holstein Tradional Panette Violin

You can find more suggested violins here.

Please contact Fiddlershop via our chat system, or 
(954) 530-5999 if you have any questions. We're always happy to assist! :)

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