Ming Jiang Zhu 909 Violin

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Ming Jiang Zhu 909 Violin Review

This is the real deal! Authentic Ming Jiang Zhu violins.
We personally go through these violins thoroughly and test/tune/adjust them before shipping. We spend many hours making sure it's perfect when it arrives at your doorstep!

Ming-Jiang Zhu Model 909 Violin. Also called Model AAA. This violin is made by the Senior Master Luthiers at the Ming Jiang Zhu workshop and comes with a certificate to prove it.

  • Boxwood fittings with Guarneri model chinrest
  • Aubert Mirecourt bridge.
  • Setup with Kaplan Ammo Strings ( use comment section during checkout for any string  preference)
  • 4/4 size only.

The maker, Ming Jiang Zhu, is a "VSA" (Violin Society of America) gold medal winner! He has won the greatest number and highest level of awards in that highly prestigious international competition. He has become one of the most frequently awarded violinmakers in the world. Fiddlershop is proud to sell these fine instruments which would surely cost many times more if they came from any European country. This instrument is as beautiful to look at, as it is easy to play. It has all the wonderful qualities of a fine professional instrument and reminds me of the sound from fine Italian old violins.

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Sandra K.
United States


Beautiful violin getting used to it. I should call you Sandy

Miranda ��Zavala

I simply love

I simply love the violin, I highly recommend to purchase here, I was looking for a good violin such a long time and I didn't know where to buy it with security and warranty, here in fiddlershop the personal is awesome and they are really kind one of the best. Fiddlerman personally recorded 3 videos playing songs to me just to be sure about my purchase and they helped me with a lot of things. The violin sound it's awesome, my teacher just love it, he said me that my violin sounds really professional, clean and with high proyection, I also love it a lot feels great.


Upgrading from a

Upgrading from a starter violin, I was pretty nervous about what to buy. The thought of going into a music store and being overwhelmed by someone who knew way more than me about fiddles was not a happy thought. It didn't matter though because the only music store anywhere near me had ZERO violins available in their store to look at. I already have a beginner violin and that's all I could seem to find. As for used, think about it, if someone tried violin and quit, they sell a student violin. If they purchase a decent violin, they obviously really took to it and they are not about to sell theirs. Heck, some people even name them.My first thought was buying an instrument made in America. If this is where you are at read the Blog on Fiddlershop.com about Why Chinese Violins are Better. Ultimately what I wanted was a quality instrument. So, I researched and read all about Noble Heart Violins and review upon review of violins until I narrowed it down. I apprehensively emailed questions to Fiddlershop because I was nervous about making a decision. Michael answered all my questions. I had ordered my first violin from them and was extremely pleased. What really tipped the scales for me was the review by Lou. He said this fiddle was "warm for waltzes, and at the same time bright for Jigs". I found myself mesmerized by Fiddlerman playing any one of the violins. I'm not complaining, I played his videos just to hear him play. I wanted to hear someone play something that wasn't classical to see how the fiddle would work for me. I should add that his playing of La Folia has me interested in learning that down the road). I am playing old time fiddle stuff, country and waltzes. Shortnin' Bread is a blast to play on the fiddle. If you haven't tried it you should.Fiddlerman.com has a great display of kinds of music anyone might like. Check him out playing the blues.So there I was. I not only didn't know which fiddle to choose, now I wanted to learn all sorts of styles......Back to the Ming Jiang Zhu 909. I wanted to get a quality instrument that I would have for years. I wanted quality wood, a beautiful looking instrument, but most of all I wanted it to sound great. I wanted an instrument to be proud of and cherish for years. After countless hours hemming and hawing because I don't spend money without a lot of thought, I went ahead and ordered it.I was so excited the day it came. I watched the end of the driveway anxiously awaiting the FedEx driver. I excitedly exclaimed to the driver, "That's my new fiddle!" As he grabbed the box, he politely smiled and said, "I don't even know what that is."I had been offered an upgrade on a case because they didn't have the one I wanted. The upgrade is gorgeous. It's the Fiddlerman's Choice Oblong Violin Case. It says it is a green case in the description, but it is black and brown on the outside and green on the inside.The Ming Jiang Zhu 909 is everything I had hoped. Beautiful instrument. Honestly I started with the Fiddlerman OB1 and it is a beautiful instrument also. I just reached a point where I felt like I was ready for an upgrade. As I suppose most people do, I had to first change the chinrest to one that works for me. I started with a middle chinrest and just couldn't get comfortable with the side one. I ordered a boxwood one to match the tailpiece and the chinrest it came with. The boxwood is nice, but the black against the wood of a violin is a more striking look in my opinion. I wanted to play the Ming Jiang Zhu 909 for a bit before I left a review. On my old fiddle, the D string seemed to outsound all the others. I was convinced it was me. It doesn't happen on this one! This fiddle is really responsive to bow strokes. I now get what people mean when they say that. I find myself wanting to pick it up all the time. I practice more and now I also get what people mean when they say they are "getting to know their instrument". I am enjoying every minute of it. There is definitely an improvement in sound over my beginner fiddle.While the case is very nice, I am hanging mine on the wall on a string swing so I can grab it whenever I pass. I also got a Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Bow.This is an instrument you can be proud of, you'll enjoy every second with, and you'll have for years.I've all but named mine. This fiddle makes me sound better. I will love and enjoy my new fiddle for years.THANKS TO EVERYONE AT FIDDLERSHOP!


I can't thank

I can't thank Pierre enough for the patience he had in helping me find my violin..the experience I had goes beyond 5 stars. As for my 909, the setup was perfect, arrived in 2 days and I enjoy every minute I have with this fine instrument. I can only imagine what it will sound like once it matures and opens up. If you can afford this investment, go for it, you wont be disappointed. I will be back for more for sure! Thank you Pierre, this 909, and that Amati were the best violins I've ever had!


The Ming Jiang

The Ming Jiang Zhu 909 that I bought from Pierre is a great violin and I have put a lot of hours on it since I bought it last month. The best part of buying it was getting to meet both Michael and Pierre they treated me and my friends like family and now I have two great new friends. Pierre made sure that the instrument was set up the way I liked it and he gave me all the time I needed to pick out the violin I wanted. The customer service was the best I have encountered in any music shop and I have been in a lot). While I can't play very well Pierre made my 909 sing and the sound that came out was just want I wanted something warm for waltzes and at the same time bright for Jigs and it does look better in person then what you see on line. While I understand that Pierre can make a 2x4 with stings sound good this Ming Jiang Zhu makes beautiful music and has made me a better player. One last thing I will point out when you hit a perfect note on this violin it will make the strings on your friends instruments vibrate which is quite an experience the first time it happens. So if you are looking for an up grade in what you are playing this a great violin to consider. Pierre can't wait till you come to the Keys. Lou

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