Fiddlershop's Picks: Bow Rosins

Our Favorite Bow Rosins

Rosin is the key to unlocking the sound from your bowed string instrument.  When applied to the bow hair,  the rosin creates sticky friction between the string and bow. The rosined hair grips the strings, pulling out beautiful vibrations of sound and notes.

However, not all rosins are created equal. That's why we've decided to list our top picks for rosin in this article. Take a look.

 Andrea Violin Solo Rosin

With versions for viola and cello as well, Andrea Solo Rosin is one of the most powerful rosins on the market, today. Formerly known as Tartini Rosin, many renowned string players around the world hailed it for its projection and sound enhancement capabilities. Through rebranding, Andrea Rosin introduced more improvements on the original production.

"I love the Andrea Solo Rosin because of its easy application, long-lasting use before re-application, and the great grip." - Pierre Holstein, Founder of Fiddlershop and Fiddlerman

"Great rosin! Let's you grab the string and pull a great tone with very little dust to boot. Highly recommend it." - Mark Cooper, customer

Holstein Premium Rosin

Holstein Premium Rosin makes our list due to its affordability and quality. Here's what some of the Fiddlershop staff members say.

”The Holstein rosin is a hybrid between light and dark rosin - providing a nice smooth tone while giving firm grip with very little dust!” - Michael Holstein, Fiddlershop CEO

"If you apply too much of this rosin to the bow, it will produce a lot of dust. However, the best part of Holstein Premium Rosin is you don't have to apply a huge amount to make the bow effective. After the first couple of days using it, each practice session produced very little dust, but still maintained the same powerful grip. I practice every day for almost an hour, and I did not have to apply rosin until a little over a month later." - Jasmine Reese, Fiddlershop Blogger

D'Addario Kaplan Artcraft Rosin, Dark & Light

Affordable and durable rosin -- it comes in a small and lightweight case. There is a light and dark version.

"The best two budget rosins for people who tend to drop their rosins are Kaplan Artcraft, which comes in light or dark and the Fiddlerman Select Dark Rosin for violin, viola, and cello." - Pierre Holstein



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Farid Hussain

Andrea Violin Solo Rosin certainly has the attributes that you mentioned and it’s the best I have used so far.I have still to try Holstein Premium Rosin or Yumba!


Hi FiddlerFee!
Thank you sooo much for your kind words and for stopping by our shop – it was our pleasure!
Hope to see you soon again! Keep on fiddling :)


Stopped in at FIDDLERSHOP/Pompano Beach 🎻 for rosin & my experience was in a word WOW 😲. They’ve got it all – fiddles 👌, cellos 👌, luthiers, teacher referrals, etc. Staff very welcoming, informative. My go-to place for fiddle-related miscellaneous from now on. Thanx Fiddleman et all!

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