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Violin Sound Post Inserter / Remover

Violin Sound Post Inserter / Remover
Violin Sound Post Inserter / Remover
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Violin Sound Post Inserter / Remover

THE SOUND POST MATE - Sound Post Inserter / Setter / Remover

This little tool fits easily in violin case compartment and is always available for any adjustment work. Is inexpensive, versatile and easy to use even by less experience violin owners. Works great even with smaller size violins and up to 16 inch viola.

Optimal fitting and placement of the soundpost will make your instrument sound much better. Moving the post closer to the bridge usually produces more power, whereas moving the post away from the bridge will give less power and a form of richness. The tightness of the post also has an effect on the violin. A post that is set too tightly will choke the violin and require more bow pressure, whereas a loose soundpost will lack quality and be at risk for falling.

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