Yamaha SV-200 Silent™ Series Electric Violin
Yamaha SV-200 Silent™ Series Electric Violin
Yamaha SV-200 Silent™ Series Electric Violin
Yamaha SV-200 Silent™ Series Electric Violin
Yamaha SV-200 Silent™ Series Electric Violin


Yamaha SV-200 Silent™ Series Electric Violin

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The Yamaha SV 200 Silent Violin offers all the advantages of an electric instrument; easy amplification without feedback, the use of effects, silent practice, etc. – while still feeling, playing and sounding similar to a high quality acoustic violin. It is the perfect instrument for performances at concert halls, studios or outdoor stages.

Dual piezo pickups and EQ dial provides a rich, warm tone
New body design has very natural feel
Professional studio-quality preamp
Available in cardinal red, ocean blue, black, brown

Perfect Playability
Yamaha craftsmen have designed the SV200 to have a natural feel, closer to that of an acoustic violin. The oval shaped neck features a thin layer of a specially formulated finish that feels identical to that of an acoustic violin. The frame has been extended further past the chin rest to accommodate nearly any standard chin and/or shoulder rest. The Line Out jack is positioned so the cord can be draped over the performer's shoulder keeping it out of the way during performance.

EQ Control
The SV200 utilizes a specially designed circuit that isolates and controls the instrument's upper harmonics, which have a great influence on the overall tone and sound produced by the violin. This capability to modify the tonal color harder or softer provides the SV200 with great flexibility in adjusting to individual playing styles, room conditions, the PA system, etc. Plus it gives a tone that is much closer to that of an acoustic violin.

Dual Pickups
The SV200 uses a two pickup configuration which doubles the resolution for a much greater dynamic range. Pickups are mounted under the two legs of the bridge, and this improved resolution allows the violin to responds to very subtle nuances enabling the performer to play from pianissimo to fortissimo with great clarity and ease.

Neck: Maple
Body: Spruce
Fingerboard: Ebony
Bridge: Aubert (Maple)
In/Out Jacks: Headphone Out, Line Out
Sensor: 2 Piezo pickups
Electronic controls: Volume, EQ Mode Switch, EQ Control
Power supply: 1 x 9 volt battery
Battery Life: Alkaline - 12 hrs (approx.)
Weight: 620g (1lb, 6 oz)

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