Wittner Uni "Piccolo" Violin Fine Tuner
Wittner Uni "Piccolo" Violin Fine Tuner
Wittner Uni "Piccolo" Violin Fine Tuner


Wittner Uni "Piccolo" Violin Fine Tuner

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Wittner Uni "Glaesel Piccolo" Fine Tuner / String Adjuster for Violin.

This fine tuner is unique in that it allows you to keep the proper full string length and still use ball end strings. Similar to the hill style fine tuner which will not accept ball end strings.
Full/longer string lengths/after-lengths, tend to produce better, bigger sound and more overtones.

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Customer Reviews
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Simple elegant

Im a fiddlershop fan! The fine tuner was what my viola and violin needed! Hey guys at fiddlershop! Let's play some chamber music!!!!

Peter P.
United States United States

A pleasant surprise

I originally purchased this to be used on a Harp tailpiece G-string upon a Kono violin. It was recommended by a local luthier. Instead, I installed it on a 16" Viola A-string. This is a vast upgrade in sound compared to the add on fine tuner that was originally there. By changing the after bridge length and the weight by using this fine tuner, the A- string now sings without any harshness. Might purchase another for the Kono in the near future.

Kathy W.
United States United States

Nice fine tuners for harp tailpiece

These fine tuners were a little tricky to install on my tulipwood tailpiece (small pieces, easy to drop), but once I figured out what I was doing, they installed nicely. I have them for my E and A strings, and the increased afterlength really toned down the shrillness of my E string. Also, having the lengthening mechanism on the top of the tailpiece keeps it from scratching the wood underneath. I need a low bridge for my ~100 year old violin, so traditional fine tuners are not feasible with my instrument.

Colin H.
United States United States

Almost Good.

The hook is set up to work above the stop bar in order to preserve after length and still use a ball end string. However, this makes the pick-point of the end of the string higher and thus the angle of the after length shallower than the rest of the strings. When you tune the string and put it under tension, it puts down-force on the tailpiece on the e-string side and inversely lifts the g-string side up. This affected the tuning of the other strings a bit as I brought the e-string in tune. The crooked tailpiece didn't have a huge effect on tone. It did, however, look really weird. I think these would be more suitable if you were planning to use four of them for all your strings. Then at least it would be balanced.

Michael G.

Wittner Piccolo Fine tuner

These are solid, well made, and maintain string afterlength. Mounted on the Fiddlerman harp-style tailpiece they helped improve the response and sustain over the long-lever style fine tuners for all four strings using synthetic core strings (in this case Vision strings). Depending on the tailpiece, you may need to file a groove in the stop bar for the top-mounted lever to extend all the way out, but that is a simple fix. This gives 2 mm of travel for the fine tuner, which is adequate for synthetic core strings (my only concern in purchasing these, but not an issue). I highly recommend these fine tuners as they maintain the string afterlength and although they do add weight to the tailpiece, the center of balance is moved back compared to the long lever style, which seems to help with response and sustain.

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