Wittner Nylon Saccouni-Style Tailgut for Cello
Wittner Nylon Saccouni-Style Tailgut for Cello


Wittner Nylon Sacconi-Style Cello Tailgut

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The Wittner Nylon Tailpiece Hanger (sometimes called tailgut, tailpiece fastener, or tailpiece adjuster) Sacconi-style is a nylon cable that loops around the end button and attaches to the underside of the tailpiece. 

Available in Three Sizes:

Cellos 7/8th to 4/4 Overall Length: 320mm / 12.6"

Cellos 1/2 to 3/4 Overall Length: 282mm / 11.1"

Cellos 1/4 to 1/8 Overall Length: 240mm / 9.45"

Made in Germany 

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