Warchal Amber Violin String Set

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String Type: Ball-End E

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Good D & Good G

I was on this site because I ordered both crisp & supple Leatherwood rosins. I came upon the review for strings. I am MEH on this Warchal Amber E. I have an early 1800's violin & I am a professional violinist. At the moment, all of my strings are Warchal, but I only use the Amber set for my E string & only when I am fiddling I have tried virtually every, single string set out there -- every price point. I find this Warchal E to do what it advertises - no whistling, BUT it is not as colorfulor as clear as the Evah Pirazzi E. The Evah Pirazzi E is the one that I would use to perform something more intricate & expressive. To me, the Warchal E sounds so flat & nearly tinny. But again, I do still use it for fiddling because I use a pick-up when I play, so lack of projection is something I can work with & very fast fiddling numbers require no dynamic depth-related nuances from one string, as I am often playing more than one string at a time. No whistling while fiddling fast/hard is a great selling point. I use the Warchal Brilliant Vintage for my D & G (love them), as well as the Warchal Russian A (love that too). I have also used the Warchal Brilliant (not Vintage) before Warchal made the Vintage series. It is a better fit for my violin. If you can buy Warchal strings on sites like this & SW Strings (they are less expensive there), it is a good bargain. On Amazon, they charge more than twice what they should for them. Now that I think about it, my favorite E string is probably the Lezner Goldbrokat. I definitely need to circle back around for it. It does not last me more than a few weeks, but it is so inexpensive & it is so worth it. Decades ago, my violin teachers would encourage me to buy sets of strings, so I had gotten into the habit of just forcing myself to take on all of the strings from a particular set. I am really glad I don't do that any more. I wish someone would have told me that it would be such a good idea to try out different string brands, but ONE string at a time. I have never found a full set that lends all of my strings to sound their best. Mixing & matching has been really eye-opening. Doing this definitely elevated the quality of sound I was getting from my violin.

Ann S.
United States
Watchable Amber Biolin Strings Set

Love shopping with you! Very helpful! I haven’t actually put my strings on just yet I’m waiting for the ones on to die alittle! I know though I am really going to love and enjoy them! Thanks Ann Scott Cleburne Texas

United States
Warchal Amber Violin String Set Purchase

Excellent customer service. Thank you!

Farid H.
Quite brilliant

These strings are bright clear and beautiful and I certainly recommend them.The sound is quite neutral in many ways and that's good because it can go with many violins.They are slightly like Tonicas but with more texture and better response.I compared with Vision Titanium and its A string had a complex tone like this one but lacked the requisite sparkle in my opinion and the Vision A was a little one dimensional in comparison.The ease with which one can play is another outstanding feature it has and could be an outcome of string design innovations.Most importantly the sound has a distinct character and presence that engages the listener and the player instantly and one wants to continue playing. Farid

David P.
excellent string set

-I am a fairly advanced player and teacher. First Fiddlershop has excellent service. Now- Warchal Amber. This string set is warm and subtle under the fingers. Very easy playing with nice overtones. I have used Evah, Oliv, Obligato, Dominants and Tonicas. Pricewise these are economical which makes up for my experience that they do not hold up quite as long as Dominants- I play a lot.,, but the tone and feel also are much closer to gut. Regarding the "spiral" E- I have never had a whistle problem. My preferred E is a Jargar Forte. I don't care for the spiral (maybe I'm just too old) I give them away to other orchestra members. Another plus about Ambers - I find them very kind above 5th and 6th position and while my fiddle is very well balanced across the range, I feel the Ambers support that balance well and are not strenuous on the fingers.

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