Vio's Violin: We Imagine Music Series
Vio's Violin: We Imagine Music Series

Kenesha T. Ryce

Vio's Violin: We Imagine Music Series

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As a child learning to play the violin, the technical aspects are sometimes forgotten, or at the very least hard to remember! In this book, your child can jump into an imaginary violin world and be reminded—in a fun way—of the fundamentals of hand position and bow movement.

After reading this memorable folk tale, the young violinist will say, “I must move the bow from my elbow so that I don’t make the old oan’s house shake and I will leave space between my hand and the violin so that the Peg family can visit their cousins!”

This book is much more than a fun story—it is also full of the technical details that parents and teachers want and appreciate. So hop inside Vio’s Violin to visit the old man, the Peg family, and the people of Tail Town and learn more about the wonderful world of music.

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