Stradpet Titanium Wittner-style Viola Fine Tuner


Stradpet Titanium Wittner-style Viola Fine Tuner

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Like wearing nothing at all! The lightest weight Wittner style tuner on the market! The most significant downfall of fine tuners is the added mass to the tailpiece, reducing tone and resonance. This is the absolute best option for reversing the issue!

Titanium alloy is now available for your viola! Known for its use in the aerospace and medical field for superior strength/extremely low weight ratio, hypoallergenic properties and anti-corrosion . It's also an excellent conductor for sound!

All products feature uncoated alloy. Color options are a direct result of durable heat treated finish. There is no chemical plating or paint coating. 

- Price for one unit
- Gunmetal Grey finish
- Fits 15"-17" Violas

- less than 2.2g
- Anti-corrosion, No rust
- Durable Low Friction alloy screw for precise adjustment
- hypoallergenic 
- Material:Titanium Alloy

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