Thomastik Dynamo Violin String Set
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Combine the uncombinable with Thomastik Dynamo Violin Strings
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Thomastik Dynamo Violin String Set


Thomastik Dynamo Violin String Set

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DYNAMO strings for violin: Perform like never before!

After more than four years in the design and testing phase, Thomastik is pleased to announce the string set that is poised to take the violin world by storm: this is the all new DYNAMO Violin string set!

At a time when violin string makers are reaching for greater heights by introducing strings with more power, and more focus, Dynamo has achieved the unimaginable by taking a completely different approach. 

Experience a core to your sound you never knew your violin could produce.

This revolutionary new string set delivers:

  • A broad and rich sound
  • Excellent response.
  • Extraordinary depth
  • Unparalleled tonal core
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Flexible sound colors, able to modulate to their fullest extent.
  • A great sound on most old and most new instruments.

The DYNAMO® set NO.DY100 combines qualities you usually can’t find in one set. Thomastik has developed this set of DYNAMO® violin strings with lots of passion and patience. And the outcome is something that is even better than we dreamed of.

DY100 Violin String Set Composition

E-String: Mulitilayer/tin plated over carbon steel core | Removeable Ball (8.1Kg / 17.9 lb)
A-String: Aluminum wound over synthetic core (5.5KG / 12.1 lb)
D-String: Aluminum wound over synthetic core (4.6Kg / 10.1 lb)
G-String: Silver wound over synthetic core (4.7Kg / 10.4 lb)

Five Aspects You Should Know About the Thomastik Dynamo Violin Strings

We know it can be a tough decision for violinists to decide whether to switch to new strings or not. To help you decide, this chart describes where the DYNAMO® strings classify in terms of the following 5 aspects:

Chart about 5 aspects you should know about the Dynamo Violin Stings

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