The Realist Acoustic Electric 4-string Violin

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The Realist Violin - Pro VS Standard

The Realist Violin Review

**The Realist Pro will not be available until sometime in October 2018**

A truly acoustic instrument that amplifies like an electric!
The first high-quality acoustic violin with an integrated Realist pick-up™ and volume control.

  • a fully functional acoustic violin carved from fine woods
  • comes with an on-board Realist Transducer engineered to clearly amplify the subtleties of the violin’s acoustic sound
  • has a discreet volume knob to allow for on-stage control

A carved wood violin, The Realist Violin produces a sweet and rich sound and features a finely crafted, quality spruce top and elegantly molded maple ribs and back. The patented Realist technology that has made The Realist Transducer the world’s most respected pick-up for acoustic instruments is built in to the Realist Violin’s acoustic body.

Pro Edition - Special Features:
Passive tone knob for on-the-fly sound contouring
Improved bridge design and projection
Cleaner neck design
New top graduation and thicknessing
Richer, more resonant textured varnish
Features Frantique varnish

Thoughtful Design
The input jack is built in to the back, which is crafted to accommodate the added weight and material. In its position at the violin’s corner block and the back, the jack is easily accessed, and allows the patch cable to be dressed away out of sight and out of the player’s way. The player’s bow arm is free to move unimpeded and the instrument’s acoustic sound is unaffected. The Realist Violin’s volume control, integrated in the treble-side rib, is ingeniously camouflaged in the color of the violin’s varnish.

Unparalleled Amplified Sound Color and Texture
The built-in Realist Transducer delivers all of the natural luster of the instrument’s true sound. The violin retains its organic qualities when amplified or acoustic, so there’s no need for the player to adapt to it.

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