D'Addario Spector Violin Mute
D'Addario Spector Violin Mute
D'Addario Spector Violin Mute
D'Addario Spector Violin Mute


D'Addario Spector Violin Mute

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Whether you need to minimize your sound for smaller performances, practice a bit more quietly, or play music which requires a muted part, the D’Addario Spector Violin Mute is the best way to reduce your volume. Initially designed by Fred Spector, 45-year veteran violinist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, this compact violin practice mute fits between the A and D strings of the violin and is easily engaged by simply sliding it up over the bridge. While not in use, slide it back down and the mute remains on the instrument, without interfering in your playing or sound.

The Spector Violin Mute is an effective way to reduce the volume of your violin, whether for quiet practice or intimate performance.

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