Sattler Strad Pad Chinrest Cover
Sattler Strad Pad
Sattler Strad Pad
Sattler Strad Pad
Sattler Strad Pad
Sattler Strad Pad Chinrest Cover
Sattler Strad Pad Chinrest Cover
Sattler Strad Pad Chinrest Cover


Sattler Strad Pad Chinrest Cover

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The Strad Pad is a soft latex pad which fits over the chinrest and curves down around to the back of the instrument. Velcro attachment style. Excellent for protecting the neck and chin area from the pressure of the violin/viola and allowing for a comfortable playing position.

  • Easily Removeable
  • Washable
  • No more fussing with bulky, insecure protection
  • Tonal Clarity- No handkerchief muffling
  • Foam-cushioned comfort and relaxation
  • Two Sizes: Standard and Large

Size Suggestions:

Either size can be used for full size violins as it depends on the style of chinrest you are using, and how much surface area you want to cover up. Smaller and usually side-mounted chinrest users may prefer the standard size while players with larger chinrests (Guarneri or Flesch-Hump for example) may prefer the larger size since they are wider and cover more of the chinrest clamps and endbutton.

  • Standard -  Ideal for fractional to full size violins
  • Large - Full size violins and violas. 

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Customer Reviews
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Protects neck area

Honestly I prefer the gel chinrest they also sell but I do like the coverage this gives below the chin rest! I used to have a really bad chin rest that would pop off which caused little scratches and dings on the bottom of my violin - which would then irritate the skin on my neck. The large pad covers it up perfects and the material also gives some friction under the chin which I prefer over a cloth/towel. It’s also very soft. I don’t like the idea of sticking a Velcro sticker on my chinrest tho so I opt not to use it. (The gel pad is a different story since it’s comes off cleanly)

United States United States

I Find the Sattler Strad Pad Very Comfortable

I recently purchased the large Sattler Strad Pad Chinrest Cover, in Ebony from Fiddlershop. Fiddlerman recommended it when I mentioned an issue I was having. He was spot on. I am liking it so far. I have been using it for about a week. I am able to control my violin much better because I am getting a better, more comfortable "grip" at my jaw, and the metal is all covered. I think this is actually contributing to my improvement in my playing, which I have really noticed since a couple days of using Sattler Strad Pad. My set-up is much more to my liking. It is very much noticeable. Today's practice and playing was greatly improved and I was much more comfortable. I had no jaw or neck strain the entire time, or after. My intonation was really good. My violin stayed in the proper position without me having to fight with it. If it hadn't been for other things, I would have played longer. It, supposedly, is held to your violin by Velcro. There is a piece of Velcro attached to the underside of the pad, and you are given the opposite side of the Velcro with adhesive on the one side to attach to your chinrest. Then you connect the two.  The reason I said, "... supposedly, is held ..." is because I am not using it. I did not want an issue removing the piece of Velcro that is attached via adhesive to my chinrest. I do not know if there would be, but I did not want to risk it, unless I had to. I just place my Sattler Strad Pad on my chinrest and it does not move or slip. It works great for me that way. It might be different for someone who is active when playing. The Velcro is still attached to the underside, I just do not use it. With it just sitting on top of the chinrest, I don't have to put Velcro on the chinrests of my other violins or violas. I can just set the pad on whatever instrument I want to play. Yes, the large is large enough for my viola chinrest. I say that I place it on top of my chinrest, but there is a flap that covers the end of the instrument so the pin and hardware are cushioned. It is wonderfully comfortable. Now, there is a slight odor to it when it is new, as there is with most manmade materials. It has dissipated greatly and has only a slight aroma remaining, which will dissipate soon. It is very soft and flexible.  It is washable. However, I have read where someone complained the soap would not come out. I would just wipe it down with a lint free soft cloth with hot water on it and then let it air dry. Again, I don't play with a lot of activity and get all sweaty. But, take heed of the soap, or supposed soap, issue. It was just mentioned on a site I was on when getting info. I know some will say it is too expensive. It depends on your circumstances and what you are willing to spend to make your instrument more comfortable. It is relative to you and your desires. It may not be for everyone, but, so far, it has solved my issue. Doing business with Fiddlershop is always a pleasure. You receive great prompt assistance and everyone is so friendly.

William W.
United States United States

Chinrest Cover

It took some time to find the optimum position, but I found it the cover is very comfortable and is helping me hold the violin.

M G.
United States United States

Love my Strad Pad

Love this pad. After 60+ years of playing, I am finally comfortable. No need to fuss with a cloth and the mark on my neck is receding. Did have to lower my shoulder rest as it does add extra height, but not by much. Love that it attaches by velcro so no slippage. Also love that it comes in black, so blends in with my chin rest.If your neck is sore, you need this.

Raymond P.
United States United States


I play without a shoulder rest and don't like to squeeze hard on the chin rest. This does perfect to add a little friction to help keep a hold on the fiddle, and also absorbs sweat when it's hot which helps keep the grip.

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