Sattler Strad Pad Chinrest Cover
Sattler Strad Pad
Sattler Strad Pad
Sattler Strad Pad
Sattler Strad Pad
Sattler Strad Pad Chinrest Cover
Sattler Strad Pad Chinrest Cover
Sattler Strad Pad Chinrest Cover


Sattler Strad Pad Chinrest Cover

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The Strad Pad is a soft latex pad which fits over the chinrest and curves down around to the back of the instrument. Velcro attachment style. Excellent for protecting the neck and chin area from the pressure of the violin/viola and allowing for a comfortable playing position.

  • Easily Removeable
  • Washable
  • No more fussing with bulky, insecure protection
  • Tonal Clarity- No handkerchief muffling
  • Foam-cushioned comfort and relaxation
  • Two Sizes: Standard and Large

Size Suggestions:

Either size can be used for full size violins as it depends on the style of chinrest you are using, and how much surface area you want to cover up. Smaller and usually side-mounted chinrest users may prefer the standard size while players with larger chinrests (Guarneri or Flesch-Hump for example) may prefer the larger size since they are wider and cover more of the chinrest clamps and endbutton.

  • Standard -  Ideal for fractional to full size violins
  • Large - Full size violins and violas. 

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