Prier SLC Master Violin Bow
Prier SLC Master Violin Bow
Prier SLC Master Violin Bow

Archet SLC

Archet SLC Premium Violin Bow

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The Archet SLC "Salt Lake City" Premium Violin Bow (Made in Salt Lake City, UT)

"From the makers of JonPaul Bows" -In the style of the old French workshops, these bows are made by the master bow-makers of the Prier workshop in Utah! Made using certified Pernambuco that has been seasoned between 30 and 50 years in Salt Lake City - where each bow is handcrafted.

The styles of Peccate and Maline are evident in every bow and the core attributes of balance, tone, and strength are clearly given the utmost attention.

Violin, Viola, and Cello bows are available (Call for more info 954-530-5999).

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Ivan J.

Not worth 2800$

I don't like to live comments for anything but for this one I have to. I played this Prier SLC bow for couple weeks and was so disappointed ....... Totally disappointed .... First I think maybe I am wrong, maybe I forgot how to play, maybe I forgot how to hold bow. The bow is made from very nice Pernambuco wood, but my bow was in 3 colors. Red,Yellow and orange. Little annoying for player. The bow wasn't straight. The frog was moving just a hear, should not move at all. When I took close look at bow from bottom to the top, I saw obvious mistakes in making .... That mistakes makes weight and balance unbalanced ......So the bow have weight more in the lower middle and frog then middle and top. Spicato is almost impossible to make ,you can do spicato only with pain in right hand. For This Prier SLC bow 00000000000 Stars. People from Fiddler shop help me to return this piece of wood to them. Thanks to fiddler shop.

Bob B.

Really nice, responsive bow.

I've been playing on an original Codabow since 1997. Prior to that I used a no-name (unmarked) carbon fiber bow that in comparison to the Codabow felt like a stiff fishing pole! Last year, I decided I'd like to buy a good wooden bow, so I arranged a home trial through Clare at FiddlerShop. She sent me a Helisson Cyrillo and a Prier SLC, both quality pernambuco bows. Since I was happy with my original Codabow, I opted to trial the Codabow Marquise GS bow also. Each bow exhibited their own strengths. For some reason, the Codabow didn't out shine my current Codabow, so it was eliminated, plus, I really wanted a wooden bow. The Cyrillo bow felt really nice and responded to my playing style well, but I was more impressed with the Prier SLC. I think my first impression was that it was too light at 59 grams (The Cyrillo weighed a little over 62 grams), but after playing with it over the 2 week trial period, it changed my mind. I had a bit of trouble finding information about the Prier SLC bow, so I contacted JonPaul directly and got the following response from Paul Prier. "Yes, these pernambuco bows are made in the JonPaul shop by Jon or myself, the new sister company is called Archet SLC" I'm happy with my choice, and having just bought a new (better) violin, the sound difference between the Prier bow and my old Codabow is even more noticeable. I use the Prier daily now.

Heinrich M.
United States United States

Love this bow!

Love this bow, it fits my violin perfectly. Very clear that great effort went into the details. The balance, feel and sound are wonderful. I spoke with the makers and I think it is very cool to have bows made like this in the USA. Love it.

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