Pirastro Flexocor Bass - Ext E 2.10M
Pirastro Flexocor Bass - Ext E 2.10M
Pirastro Flexocor Bass - Ext E 2.10M


Pirastro Flexocor Bass Ext E String 2.10M

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Pirastro Flexocor Bass - Ext E 2.10M - String


  • The core material is a high-tensile rope made from carbon steel which is wound with chrome steel.
  • Arco string with a quick response
  • Typical warm sound of the orchestra with a short sustain
  • Very quick response
  • The choice of three gauges allows the bassists to set up their instrument individually.
  • Instantly playable and absolutely stable

Other Tuning Options

  • Solo tuning
  • orchestra tuning


  • Solo tuning: medium gauge only
  • Orchestra tuning: soft, medium (recommended), strong


  • 3/4

Other Strings Available

  • E2.10m in medium and strong
  • B5 in soft, medium and strong
  • C High Solo in medium gauge only
  • CIS5 Solo

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