Thomastik Peter Infeld (PI) Violin E String
Peter Infeld Violin E-String
Thomastik Peter Infeld (PI) Violin E String


Thomastik Peter Infeld (PI) Violin E String

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E-String Option:

E-String Option


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The Peter Infeld (PI) violin strings from Thomastik-Infeld are designed for discerning players who take pleasure from the string's distinguished ability to produce complex tones, power and elegance as well as a high dynamic range. 
PI strings produce a rich spectrum of sound colors, the perfect blend of power and elegance, and a wide dynamic range. The strings deliver instant bow response as well as superior tuning ability. The soft left hand feeling brings out the best in you and your performance. 
E - String Options
  • Chrome Steel / Tin Plated PI101SN (Bright)
  • Chrome Steel / Platinum Plated PI101PT (Bright with depth)
  • Chrome Steel / Gold Plated PI101AU (Warm with projection)
  • Removable Ball End Only
  • Full Size Only
  • Medium Gauge 

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Customer Reviews
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Well worth the price

I've used a set of Pirastro Evah Pirazzi strings on my violin/fiddle for several years. A set usually costs $85-$100 so one would think the E string would hold up in sound quality as the A, D, and G do. Maybe it's just my instrument but every E string I have tried (several different ones) all sounded weak or "tinny". Just did not match up to the quality of sound from the other strings. I have a high-quality carbon fiber bow, so I know it is not the bow, as it produces great sound on the other strings. Decided to give the gold-plated PI a try. My instrument tends toward the warm side (Guarnerius model) so thought it could be a good fit. Today I received this PI Gold E String. Wow, just from the first few notes played on my E string I could tell a difference. Great sound quality which matches my other strings even up into higher positions. So glad I tried this. It's a keeper for sure.

Farid H.

Out of this world at times

Brilliant with a tinge of warmth and many possibilities is what this string is about.It has a smooth feel and outstanding articulation leaving many brands out in the cold.It's similar to the Lenzner E because of a warm glow that emanates at times but the latter is a little sweeter and more mellow on the whole.The platinum has quite a rich texture and in terms of what you can do it is unsurpassed.The bow response is as it should be and you can't fault it other than the price perhaps! Its unique tone is because of the way its overtones come to the fore and it does sound out of this world at times.I had Amber strings along it and strings do impact each other in all sorts of ways and not least the tone color-I am sure it would be a really interesting experience with other combinations as well.As good as it gets in my opinion. Farid

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