Melos Rosin Cello Light
Melos Rosin Cello Light


Melos Rosin Cello Light

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Melos Rosin Cello Light grips the strings softer than the rest of their cello products, offering silky and warm sound qualities, without any unexpected noises or dust, in all kinds of bowing techniques. This cake is designed to efficiently deliver high, medium and low wave frequencies and is specially produced to endure high temperatures, during spring or summer.

Each and every rosin cake is made exclusively by hand. Minor deformities are corollaries of the natural origin of the ingredients used and the handmade process, without using any kind of machinery that could potentially lower the products’ quality.

In 2023 Melos introduced their new packaging made from cork, a 100% recyclable and eco-friendly alternative to the typical cloth or plastic packaging.

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