Luca Zerilli, Udine Italy 2022, "Milano" Violin
Luca Zerilli, Udine Italy 2022, "Milano" Violin
Luca Zerilli, Udine Italy 2022, "Milano" Violin
Luca Zerilli, Udine Italy 2022, "Milano" Violin
Luca Zerilli, Udine Italy 2022, "Milano" Violin
Luca Zerilli, Udine Italy 2022, "Milano" Violin

Luca Zerilli

Luca Zerilli, Udine Italy 2022, "Milano" Violin

Fine Italian Violin

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We are pleased to feature this instrument made by Luca Zerilli in Udine, 2022. This is his violin No. 39, the "Milano". A wonderful example of Italian lutherie, this Guarneri model instrument has a clear tone, big sound, and excellent playability.

Wood: Excellent quality Italian spruce top with straight and regular grain. Two-piece Balkan maple back with deep curl that extends across the entire back.
Varnish: Brown-red spirit based with aged appearance
Fittings: Bogaro & Clemente, Ebony
Strings: Evah Pirazzi Green Strings

Sale includes:

"All the instruments are made following the strict quality standards of the ancient Italian violin-making tradition, that Luca Zerilli acquired under the supervision of Maestro Desiderio Quercetani.

THE WOOD is always personally hand-picked by Luca Zerilli. Only wood that has been air-dried for many years is selected. 

With his shop located just one hour from the Alps, Luca has the opportunity to select the best quality wood right at the sawmill, before it even gets to the shops. He only uses Italian and Balkan wood that has been air dried for several years.

THE VARNISH is a custom made and tested one and is of a kind which does not lose its characteristics with the passing of time. All of the instruments are French-polished, to give them the beauty and durability only quality shellac can provide, and to enable them to be easily retouched even after many years.

A CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY: with the photos of the construction issued by Luca Zerilli follows every instrument that are made"

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