Optima Goldbrokat Violin E String
Optima Goldbrokat Violin E String
Optima Goldbrokat Violin E String
Optima Goldbrokat Violin E String
Optima Goldbrokat Violin E String
Optima Goldbrokat Violin E String
Optima Goldbrokat Violin E String
Optima Goldbrokat Violin E String
Optima Goldbrokat Violin E String


Optima Goldbrokat Violin E String

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Optima Goldbrokat Violin E String

This is a go-to E string for many professional violinists. Considered a "universal E," it blends well with many other string sets. Praised for it's ability to perform brilliantly without whistling and a long lifespan- it's one of our highest recommendations for E strings.  


  • Silvery steel
  • Loop or Ball end
  • 4/4 size

Available tensions

  • 0.25mm (Light)
  • 0.26mm (Medium)
  • 0.27mm (Medium/Heavy)
  • 0.28mm (Soloist)


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Customer Reviews
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Mark C.

This particular E

This particular E string it the best E string I have used so far it has a strong yet non shrill tone that projects great and blends well with Larson Virotouso strings. I have never been a fan of the sound of my E string in the higher register until now thank you Pierre for recommending this e string

Farid H.

An E string worth trying

It's mellow, sweet and warm and can be curiously bird like if one wants;I would recommend it for its projection and response as well.It has character owing to certain overtones that come into play and as a matter of interest one can compare.The Amber E I put on recently is a shade more transparent and neutral but really good too. Farid

Simón T.

Goldbrokat loop E - Wonderful string!

I just love this string. When I'd found it several years ago, I used a leicht versión (0,25), and it was beatiful, clear, and very nuanced, but lacked a bit of power. With the medium gauge, the one that I purchased just now (0,26), the power is amazing. The sound doesn't break even with high amounts of pressure of the bow, and it projects far and loud. The timbre follow strictly the changes of bow pressure, point of contact and speed, and is of a very nice and clear kind. It blends well with my Tonica set up, and it has a nice warm feel even though it is clear and definite. It really is like a gift from afar and old from Heifetz himself (this was one of his favorite E's). Thank you very much for your attention Fiddlershop, for writing to me as soon you had these strings in stock.

United States United States

One of the best!

This string is not to be underestimated! It has an incredibly sweet but powerful tone, and sounds unbelievably bell like in the upper register with intense clarity and focus. It is not overly loud and noisy and blends very well with my Vision Solo strings. It sings like the loveliest of sopranos

United States United States

solid gold(brokat) !

Love this string. Did an E string trial with many different types and Goldbrokat was my favorite. It is bright and edgy without being strident or shrill, there are more powerful options out there (like a Westminster heavy) but it can pack a punch, while also blending exceptionally well with the lower strings.

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