Larsen Virtuoso Soloist Viola G String

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Larsen Virtuoso Soloist Viola G String

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‘A golden, open, and clear tone with a nice balance of warmth and brilliance.’

Larsen Virtuoso® Viola. If something works then why change it? Since its original launch back in 1995, our Original A has become almost the default choice for violists. Offering excellent projection with a broad spectrum of sound colors combined with a long-lasting and consistent performance. With the development of our new Virtuoso Viola strings, the focus has been upon creating a new offering for viola D, G, and C, built upon the firm foundations of our tried and trusted A.

‘Finding a balance of qualities to complement and mutually enhance something old with something new.’

String Details

The Original Viola A string is based upon a solid steel core, wound with precision rolled stainless steel flat wire. The Virtuoso Viola D, G, and C strings build upon a synthetic multi-filament core and are wound with pure silver. The Medium set delivers a rich sound texture whilst the Soloist is more focused and brings greater volume to the instrument.

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