Holstein 3-star Pernambuco Baroque Violin Bow
Holstein 3-star Pernambuco Baroque Violin Bow
Holstein 3-star Pernambuco Baroque Violin Bow


Holstein 3-star Pernambuco Baroque Violin Bow

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Introducing the newest member of the Holstein Bow Family. Our Baroque violin bow delivers the authentic experience for historically informed performances. Based on 17th & 18th century examples, the construction differs from a modern bow as it is shorter, has a convex curve when the bow is on the string, and doesn't have the modern mountings and ornaments such as windings, grips, ferrulea and mother of pearl inlays.

Crafted from the same, incredible genuine pernambuco we use for our 3-Star modern bow, the new Baroque bow delivers clear and vivid sound production.

Bows from the baroque era focus more on attack, speed, and decay rather than pressing and sustaining the sound like one would with a modern bow. A Baroque bow is a great tool in the educational process for understanding the intentions of the early composers, and unlocks some of the technical mysteries, since the bow literally forces you to play like the performers from this era.

So whether you use it periodically (pun intended) to inform your modern bow use, or all the time, we know you’ll love every second with it.

  • Open Channel, screw-mounted frog made of pernambuco
  • "Swan-bill" shaped tip
  • Overall length without screw: 68 cm
  • Usable hair length: 58 cm
  • High Quality Siberian horse hair.
  • Weight: 49 grams
  • The bow can be rehaired just like modern bows.

Fiddlershop's Incredible Holstein Bow Warranty!

All of the Holstein bows come with our incredible Holstein Bow Warranty. Within the first year of purchase, we will repair or replace the bow if an accident happens. We know that a bow is fragile and we hope that this extended bow warranty gives you a complete peace of mind when you are shopping with us.

Learn more about the Holstein Bow Warranty here.

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