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Patrick L.

It's a beautiful instrument with different sounds.

I have been using this violin for the past 2 months or so. I am a beginner violiner with about 6 months of experience, with some mandolin, guitar, and piano experience before the violin. Pros: Almost perfectly formed, that is, the violin is incomparably better pieced together than a wood violin. Everything feels machined or stamped. The carbon fiber weave is just as beautiful, but different, as wood. The micro tuner pegs make life so much easier. I didn't need fine tuners even on the E string. The violin is extremely stiff, that is, when adjusting string tension I need only to go through once. It's not affected by humidity or temperature, or direct sun for that matter. I don't even bother putting this in a case because it just doesn't care. Cons: The fingerboard on my G, D, and A strings is shined smooth, because plastic isn't as hard as wood. This worries me the most as the entire neck, fingerboard, and peg box is one piece. The A string is mostly dead compared to the other three strings. I noticed in my other three wood violins their A string also fades quicker, but in the CF the string feels dead. Probably the soundpost needs to be moved around until all the strings ring. Some miscellaneous things: The Larsen strings make the violin deep and quiet, but some cheap high tension Chinese strings made the violin bright and loud. The Fiddlershop strings sounded similar to the Larsens. I suspect this violin can use any strings because it's extremely stiff and hardly bends. I think soon wood violins are going to find it difficult to compete with CF violins, because CF violins can be made from molded and stamped pieces with great precision and consistency. The only thing that worries me is the fingerboard.

Marie S.
United States

Really nice all around!

I was skeptical of a carbon composite violin, but I do a lot of outdoor gigs for my Celtic music band and I was tired of worrying about my wood violin in the heat and humidity. Someone recommended this violin to me and I've been in love ever since-- I even use it in orchestra now. It has a great tone and looks amazing.

United States

the future of violin

Fiddlershop was great to deal with, and I really like this instrument. compared to my wooden violin: It is a bit heavier, but the weight appears to be distributed away from the peg end - when I'm holding the instrument in position, I don't notice the weight. it is darker sounding (which I like). it is not as loud. plus/minus depending on the playing situation. the planetary geared tuning pegs had a learning curve, but work fine. in fact, I replaced the tailpiece as I find that I don't need the fine tuners (not a criticism of the stock tailpiece, as it seemed fine) I imagine that, after several improving iterations of this instrument, it will be difficult for wooden violins to compete at this price range. and for children' programs, seems like a no brainer.

Lisa B.
United States

Beautiful Instrument!

The pictures didn’t do the instrument justice. It is a bit heavier—not much at all, than your wooden instrument, but I rather LIKE the heaviness. Knowing I can leave it on the stand indefinite was a huge selling point to me. The sound isn’t bad at all. The bow that came with it seemed a bit larger than needed, but wasn’t bad. The case leaves something to be desired, as the zippers are not smooth and tend to get hung on the cloth. There’s no straps inside the case to secure the instrument. I would recommend the violin over and over again, but would recommend another case than the one it ships with. I would definitely recommend this instrument for frequent travels and jam sessions.

Jodi A.
United States United States

Great Carbon Composite Violin

I have been wanting a Carbon Fiber violin for quite a while to use when I am in iffy locations. No one wants to see their prize Violin soaked. I really liked the look of the Mezzo-Forte but I couldn't justify the cost for what I needed it for. So I took a bet on the Glasser and I am so glad that I did. It has a great sound with good projection. It is not overly bright. Something I was looking for. Because it is Carbon Composite I don't have to stop and adjust it as often when I am going from hot summer days to humid nights. I paired it with a Carbon Fiber bow and this has allowed me to spend more time playing and less time tuning and adjusting. Fiddlershop had it set up and ready to go so I was playing 5 minutes after I received it. I was so impressed with their service I turned around and bought two bows. I am also very pleased with those. I now find myself selecting the Glassier over my other violins because it is such a pleasure to play.

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