Glasser AEX Carbon Composite Acoustic-Electric 5-String Violin

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Size: 4/4
Color: Black

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Glasser AEX Carbon Composite Ac. / Elec. Violin

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Customer Reviews
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Glasser AEX Carbon Composite Acoustic/Electric 5-string Violin

I LOVE my Glasser AEX VIOLIN!!! Shipping was quick, it was all set up with great strings (I just had to tune it), easy on my fingers AND it just feel good to play - didn't take me very long to get great tone! I would recommend it to everyone to try. I wasn't even sure I was going to have any luck playing a Violin again. I hadn't even touched one since I was in 4th Grade! While I was at it, figured I might as well start right out with a 5-string since I love Bass (but not a big Viola) - can only get easier, right? Okay, I've had this Glasser Violin for 3 weeks and I'm having a RIOT! I use a shoulder rest (which wasn't allowed when I was a kid) and haven't even used an amp, yet. I can only play a few Irish tunes with flourishes, "Game of Thrones" and I can almost follow along with Cecile Corbel's song "En La Mar" well enough to not embarrass my family, but I'm having FUN! During my research on Violin and Bow care/use, I learned Bows make more difference than I knew possible - so I ordered the Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Weave Bow to compliment my Gunmetal Glasser AEX Carbon Composite Violin & I LOVE IT, too! Even I can tell the difference between this Bow and the wood one I had borrowed. Why'd I choose Carbon Composite? First of all, Michigan weather SUCKS (dry, damp, repeat) - Second, I am blessed with a bunch of sticky-fingered, drooling Grandkids and I don't want to have to worry about anything other than keeping little fingers off my Bow hair. I got durability AND good sound! I'm so glad I bought this quality, easy to care for, Violin - also, the great Video Reviews helped a lot when I started to research which one to try. I understand why a professional may want wood, but this Violin sounds great & reviews I've come across say it sounds even better with an amp. So, can't wait to see what I can do with it after a few months or a year! THANK YOU FIDDLERSHOP!!!

Laszlo O.
United States United States
Wonderful Instrument and Excellent Customer Support

Just got mine yesterday and it’s exactly as described in the review videos provided by Fiddlershop. They actually did an amazing job of conveying the tonal qualities. I’m extremely happy with the violin and the way it’s put together. Everything from the pegs to the width of the fingerboard is built in a way that makes playing it compelling. As a person that plays just for the fun of learning the volume is great, I wouldn’t use it to play as a soloist in an orchestra but for everything else it’s exactly what I wanted. My real story is the customer support from Fiddlershop themselves however. They were extremely patient with me and did an amazing job keeping track of the violin’s progress. As they didn’t have the model I wanted in stock they ordered it from Glasser. It took much longer than expect because of this but I was kept up to date on the whole process. My order shipped just as I was about to decide to go with a different color, but customer service would have been happy to swap the model and was ready to do that for me. My one recommendation to anyone reading this if you’re looking to get a violin; call before hand to see if it’s in stock and ready to ship if you’re impatient. The people working at Fiddlershop seem like they’d do whatever needs to get done in order to make sure you’re happy with what you order, and I should have contacted them before hand, as I’m sure they would have explained the process and walked me through in more detail. Overall the violin is a 4/5 for its versatility and sound. Fiddlershop and their customer support gets a 5/5 for just being all around awesome!

john k.
United States United States
Glasses AEX composite acoustic 5 string

Wonderful. You shopped quickly. The violin was well packaged. It was as described. Thanks. Violin is delightful. Notes stand out more specifically. We already have professional violins prior to this, and an electric violin. But the quality of this 5 string is amazing

John K.
United States United States
Glasser violin

Sounds GREAT!!! This should be my last violin I own unless you have an acrylic violin that lights up as you play it.

J. R. Faulk
United States United States
Good gigging fiddle

I bought this fiddle primarily for the pickup system (mostly the onboard volume and tone controls). I was pleasantly surprised by the acoustic properties of the instrument. Although not overly loud or brilliant, the tone was quite acceptable to practice without plugging up. Plugged in and properly eq'ed, it does the job of playing in a country/country rock band quite well. I've not had any feedback issues as of yet (four live performances and various rehearsals), and I'm able to get a sound that cuts through the mix without being overly thin or loud. The fiddle has a lot going for it, the aforementioned onboard volume and tone controls, the geared tuners, the fact that it is carbon fiber and not really susceptible to weather/humidity, etc.... The fiddle came well set up from Fiddlershop, and within a week of ordering it. One thing to be aware of (and it's probably more a matter of me personally having to be aware) is that the tone controls can be changed by your chin on the instrument .... a couple of times I have been playing and my tone would drastically thin out, I was confused until I figured out the issue. All in all, a great instrument for the money, dealing with Fiddlershop was a good as it could be. I am considering buying a second to tune down a half step (our female singer really likes some songs in Ab, not the best key to get country sounding drones, at least at my skill level).

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