Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Viola Bow
Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Viola Bow
Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Viola Bow
Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Viola Bow


Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Viola Bow

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High quality hand made carbon fiber viola bow with a round stick. Full size. Nicely decorated copper mounted ebony frog. Quality Siberian horse hair. Great balance. Very nice arch with good bounce and action. Carbon fiber bows are dependable and strong. Weighs ~ 70 grams

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The CF bow

The CF bow came in a very well-packaged PVC pipe, better protected than the box which the Amazon bow arrived in.The turning screw is very easy to turn. The ebony frog fits seamlessly into the bow. The length of the bow is round, hollow, and flexible. A stiffer bow would be recommended if you like to play in FFF a lot, as I do. The bow is of average weight and 74 cm long. When taut, the center of mass is 28 cm from bottom side.Other than the stunning pearly textures on the frog eye and inlay, the rest of the bow is visually ordinary. The surface of the rod is colored a plain, dark brown. The length of the bow is soft and tubey and the tip is rather obtusely constructed.Fiddlerman's CF viola bow makes for a great student or practice bow for its price- and, if all of the CF bows are built as well as the one I received, then I would recommend this bow to a friend.

Jennifer A.
United States

Thank you! Great bow for

Thank you! Great bow for the price.

Gene E.

Great second bow.

I have found this bow to be very responsive and easy to use. It feels good in ones hand and it plays very even from frog to tip. I bought it for my second bow and to use when outside, but I have used it for orchestra rehearsals inside often and enjoy using it. I like it much better than my mid-range pernambuco bows and recommend it to anyone needing a good responsive bow without paying a huge amount. I was also pleased with how quickly it arrived after ordering and how protected it was in the delivery package. All around good purchase.


After a little

After a little time with this bow I noticed a lot of things. This bow seems to Glide across more than Grip the strings. This can be good or bad. It gives a more even tone whether you are playing hard or soft. The down side to less friction is that the bow tends to drift more easily. Which can actually help you improve your bowing technique when you stay aware of the fact that it travels. Then I noticed the weight of the bow is greater than the cheap bow that came with my viola. The plus side to this is that it now requires less effort to keep the bow from bouncing. The down side is that it may contribute to the bow drift. I also noticed that there is a lot more hair on this bow than on the original El Cheapo as well as Prettier Mother of Pearl inlays in the frog. Finally I found that the tension screw on this bow is smoother than my original. Making adjusting of this bow mush easier. I used to have to crank my old bow to get it to move this one I barely have to use 2 fingers.

Michael K.

I'm very happy

I'm very happy with the Fiddlerman carbon viola bow. I purchased a pretty decent beginner viola to learn on for several years from a local music store but I wasn't real satisfied with the entry-level, student Glasser fiberglass bow that it came with. For twice as much about $70), I ordered two of the carbon viola bows for my case. I agree with one of the original posts, initially the Fiddlerman viola bow does slide a lot. My recommendation is to keep rosining your bow every time you practice for the first few weeks. I use Kaplan premium dark rosin...the one that comes in the plastic case. Once properly rosined and the horse hair tensioned, the fiddlerman carbon viola bow plays great. For the $140 or so that I spend on two, I could not be happier with my purchase. I will certainly keep these bows and continue to use them for a few more years until I'm ready to make the leap up to a better viola. By then, I am hoping to be skilled and competent enough to use and "test drive" several bows to determine which one I like. Since I'm not a professional musician, I never see myself spending several thousand on a viola bow, but given my desire to play very well, I could see myself purchasing a CodaBow Diamond GX viola bow for about $800 many years from now. In the meantime, I'm very satisfied with the Fiddlerman brand name carbon bow. I have also purchased one for my wife's cello and another for my violin.

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