Codabow Escent Viola Bow
Codabow Escent Viola Bow
Codabow Escent Viola Bow
Codabow Escent Viola Bow


Codabow Escent Viola Bow

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CodaBow Escent – made for advanced musicians who aspire for mastery performance and wish to deepen their sound and expand their tonal palette.

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The all new carbon fiber Escent from CodaBow combines the supple response of a fine Pernambuco bow with the lively articulation of the performance line. The result gives the CodaBow Escent a modern energy unprecedented in bow making.

Designed by thought leaders in the industry, this hybrid approach creates a deep string connection and clear tonal color that allows artists to leap across genres and styles. The innovative frog architecture delivers the controlled agility many ambitious professional's demand. Added facility and range afford you the opportunity to expand your technical capacity in the pursuit of more mature musical endeavors.

Whether you are facing university auditions, playing weddings and gigs between orchestra performances, or crossing genres in the studio, leap boldy to the next steppingstone of your journey with the CodaBow Escent.

  • Innovative Xebony frog architecture, for elevated agility and articulation
  • Natural Acoustic Core
  • Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Architecture

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