Bam Peak Performance Compact Violin Case
Bam Peak Performance Compact Violin Case
Bam Peak Performance Compact Violin Case
Bam Peak Performance Compact Violin Case
Bam Peak Performance Compact Violin Case

Bam Cases

Bam Peak Performance Compact Violin Case

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The Peak Performance violin case is the ultimate case built especially for commuters, and those traveling frequently with their instrument. The popular design of the Bam Trekking case was the foundation of this case, but with a totally new look.

In order to get the highest protection against shocks, the interior of Bam cases are made of high resilience foam cushions, supporting the instrument on its strongest parts. These are designed either as a cradle for the instrument, or as a set up that keeps the instrument in total suspension.

To keep a high quality standard, Bam makes their own polyurethane foam. Therefore, the entire inserts and cushions are injected in special molds. The foam of these inserts and cushions stand out from other types of foam, offering:

  • a longer life time
  • an excellent resilience (the foam gets back to its original shape and strength)
  • a protective "skin" effect for the instrument
  • an excellent protection against weather changes, reinforced by a water resistant fabric

Violin case inside features

  • Inside cradle made of injected high density polyurethane foam, protecting the instrument against thermal shocks
  • Accessory compartment
  • String tube
    Outside features
    • Accessories pocket with ear plugs/power bank aperture: 23x15x4cm
    • Subway Handle
    • Side Handle
    • Integrated ergonomic cushion
    • Orange Zipppers
    • 2 Front Pockets 39x27x3cm each
    • Side accessories pocket: 19x10x4cm
    • 2 back pack straps
    • Side net pouch
    • Front Elastic for easy storage
    • Bow Tube
    • Bam Water Bottle
    8.16 lbs
    Total Length: 61 cm
    Body Length: 39 cm
    Upper bout: 17 cm
    Lower bout: 21 cm


    66 x 31 x 26cm (86cm with bow tube)

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