B-Stock Fiddlerman Performance Series Violin Bow
B-Stock Fiddlerman Performance Series Violin Bow
B-Stock Fiddlerman Performance Series Violin Bow


B-Stock Fiddlerman Performance Series Violin Bow

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What does B-stock mean?

A bow is considered "B-stock" if it has a cosmetic imperfection, such as a small scratch, a loose or discolored winding, or if the stick has a very slight curve that will not affect tone production. Each bow has been carefully vetted to be sold as “B-stock” and is a great value at the discounted price.

There is a limited stock of these bows, and each bow may have a different imperfection. Please review the last picture on this listing for examples of bows considered B-stock.

Fiddlerman Performance Series Violin Bow

The Fiddlerman Performance Series Violin Bow delivers stunning performance for every situation. Featuring a lighter and more agile stick than the classic carbon fiber bow, you'll enjoy the cleaner and brighter sound this bow produces. 

The Performance Series is made from lightweight advanced carbon fiber and is finished with ebony frog and composite tip-plate. Silver mounts, windings, mother of pearl inlays, and lizard skin wrap complete the ornate fittings.

Perfectly situated between the entry-level Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Bow, and the Fiddlerman Pro Series Bow, the Performance series bow provides an improved playing experience at an affordable price.


Fittings & Winding:  Silver

Stick: Round (Firm)

Weight: Approx. 60 - 62 grams

Frog: Ebony

Hair: Mongolian horsehair


The Fiddlerman Performance Series Violin Bow is covered by one of the best warranties in the industry. The stick and mechanical parts are covered for 5 years.

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